Why Joe Rogan needs to have Amouranth on his podcast

Why-Joe-Rogan-needs-to-have-Amouranth-on-his-podcastYouTube: JRE Podcast / Instagram: @amouranth

The Joe Rogan Experience has been home to some of the greatest podcast moments in history, ranging from Elon Musk getting high on-air to debates with the controversial political provocateur Alex Jones. Now, it’s time for Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa to join the ranks.

Amouranth’s public profile is nothing to scoff at. With millions of followers across multiple platforms including Twitch, Twitter and Instagram, she has the clout and the numbers to back up her success.

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The story of how a cosplayer became such a savvy workaholic businesswoman pulling in over $1M every single month is could easily make for a great episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Plus, it’s not like Joe is unfamiliar interviewing women who turn the “cam girl” trope on its head.

Amouranth Banned Twitch ASMRTwitter/Amouranth
Amouranth has taken the internet by storm.

Joe’s had similar guests, but no one like Amouranth

In Episode 728 of the Joe Rogan Experience, infamous for its short one-hour duration, Joe sat down with Ceara Lynch, a “professional humiliatrix” who makes a killing producing video clips making fun of men.

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While the episode isn’t exactly in anyone’s top 10 list, partly because of how Joe came across a bit uninterested in the subject (sorry, Ceara, please don’t hurt me) and had to leave early, it does show that Rogan is down to have internet celebrities known for more risque content on his show.

Although there are some similarities between Lynch and Siragusa’s ventures and there may be some overlap in their target demographic, Amouranth takes things to another level. Her following and ability to revolutionize her industry cannot be understated.

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It is this business side where Siragusa shines brightest. In the past, she has been vocal about her operation, especially on her personal Twitter where she flexes her business savvy.

Case and point, see these series of tweets where she discusses IP, people “stealing ideas” and offers up a real-world example of Apple trying to sue Google. She’s smart, but you may not know it if all you know her for is mic-licking ASMR.

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Amouranth’s story is one worth telling

It’s really her commitment to overthrowing tropes about “e-girls” that would make her such a captivating guest. Personally, I’d say she’s already largely succeeded, but an appearance on Rogan would make that victory all the more apparent to the wider internet masses who may see her as just another hot tub streamer.

Her story is already interesting enough to the point where a whole documentary about her life in and outside of streaming is in the works. There are not many other streamers who can say they’ve done that, and this is partly because her success isn’t limited to just one platform.

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Plus, there’s so much that can be said about Twitch’s stance on her brand of content; the infamy of hot tub streams, being demonetized and banned a handful of times. And the fact she never stops working.

Amouranth’s rise is definitely a story that could do big numbers. Not just from her own followers and Rogan’s, but from a wider audience amazed how she could reach such volumes profit-wise given her content.

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It’s weird, strange, freaky, and surprisingly kind of genius. Exactly the kind of material that Joe can work with, ask the right questions, and get engaged with.

Come on, Joe. Make it happen.

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