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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

YouTuber Ovvy's 3-Step Guide to Saving a Penalty Every Time in FIFA 18

YouTuber Ovidiu 'Ovvy' Patrascu's three-step guide to stopping penalties almost every time is about to give you an edge in FIFA 18. There are seven options available when trying to save a penalty: stay in the middle, dive right or left, down, centre or up. The goal – ironically – is to predict where the opponent will shoot based on very few signs, or by using knowledge of what your opponent prefers – a luxury typically unavailable when competing against strangers online. There's also luck but, according to former FIFA pro Ovvy, you can minimise luck in FIFA 18 and increase your chances by following certain cues that allow you to better predict your rival's next action. In his video tutorial, the three-time FIFA Interactive World Cup participant demonstrates the three following steps:


Watch the penalty taker's head:

The player's head will pivot right or left depending on which direction he's about to shoot, halving the area in which you need to prepare for if you pay attention.  

Wait until the last moment to dive:

The penalty taker can change the direction of his goal during their run up, so be patient and wait until he's committed before committing yourself.\  

Dive low:

Ovvy believes that shooting low is generally preferred by players because it's easier to do once the arrow is no longer there to help. Therefore, moving down to the right or left is your best bet on average.

  Watch Ovvy demonstrate those points in his video below:  

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