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Archive • Apr 06, 2018

YouTuber MrBeast Responds to Claims That He Fakes His Videos and Doesn't Film Them Himself

Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson has built a huge career on YouTube by doing the insane things that people want to see but they themselves can't do. His channel is filled with videos of crazy acts, like giving 4 million cookies to his 4 millionth subscriber, or walking into random stores with 100 dinosaurs. One of the more popular video series MrBeast produces is of him giving random people large amounts of money, whether out in public or via donations to Twitch streamers. Things have not been smooth sailing for the YouTuber these past few days as he has been hit with some serious accusations from a former editor. 'FlyyDoesYT,' a YouTuber who recently tried out as an editor for MrBeast, released a 25 minute video in which he describes his experiences during his one week trial as "actually awful." In the video, FlyyDoesYT essentially accuses the popular YouTuber of faking or misrepresenting a lot of his videos, treating his employees poorly, not filming many of his videos, and essentially not being the person that his fans may see him as from his content. On April 5th, MrBeast took to Twitter to defend himself against these accusations. x As part of his defense, he also appeared in an interview on the popular entertainment news outlet called DramaAlert, hosted by Daniel 'KEEMSTAR' Keem. In the DramaAlert video, MrBeast discussed the the person who was making these accusations.
" He made a 25 minute "exposing" video on me but doesn't mention I spent thousands of dollars getting him here, paid him $750 for like five days of work, which is really good pay. Doesn't mention any of this. So I feel like he's already list his credibility because he doesn't even mention anything; he's so biased, it's not even funny."
He also addressed any allegations that he fakes his videos.
" My videos aren't fake, like I counted to hundred thousand. I gave streamers $30,000, it's just fucking slander from his part."
As far as him not being there as his videos are filmed, MrBeast revealed that on the specific occasion when FlyyDoesYT was there, he wasn't feeling well and asked his team to finish filming without him to meat the deadlines.
"I guess I kind of have ot bring it up because it makes sense, I have Crohn's and I really wasn't feeling well. Basically, I have Crohn's disease and it was really acting up, so I said, 'Hey you guys go film the rest of the video, I want to go nap, I have to take it easy.' and now he's making the exposed video like 'Oh MrBeast doesn't film his own videos,' like what are you going on about man. That's the thing, if we would have just talked to me while he was here, I would have just told him this stuff."
MrBeast's main gripe about the situation was that FlyyDoesYT did not say a word about these things to him when the two were together and instead waited to get home to make a video.
"I'm not public about this type of stuff and it sucks that like he's so fucking malicious that he won't say these things to my face but wait until he gets home on a plane ticket that I paid for, with the money I paid for, and then just spew all this shit out online instead of just saying it to me because he's trying to leech and honestly KEEM, you're giving him what he wants, he wants attention."
It will be worth keeping an eye on whether this situation escalates any further than it already has, or whether FlyyDoesYT will also get also get the chance to state his side of the story to KEEMSTAR on DramaAlert. - The full DramaAlert episode can be viewed below or on the show's official YouTube channel. x x