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Archive • Oct 16, 2017

How Call of Duty WWII's Ranked Play System Will Work

Call of Duty: WWII will reportedly use the Overwatch MatchMaking Rating for the 'Ranked Play' Playlist, so how does it work? Since the induction of League Play in Black Ops II, the CoD franchise has lacked a sturdy competitive in-game playlist which focuses on putting players against each other in regards to their actual skill. Other games, such as Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a variety of major esports titles have a ranking system in place for all players to enjoy, which has always led competitive CoD fans to question why such a system has been overlooked in past years. With CoD: WWII set to release in early November, a slew of leaks have been revealed pertaining to weapons, game modes, and the high possibility that a ranked playlist will indeed be making its return according to game code. While not confirmed by Sledgehammer at the time of writing, it is inferred that WWII will utilize the MMR scheme from Overwatch, which relies on Skill Rating (SR) to accurately place players in the correct ranks among those with a similar skillset. Although Overwatch and CoD are two completely different animals when it comes down to gameplay and aesthetics, the core concept of the rating system, which tracks players on a 1 to 5,000 SR basis with the higher number representing a higher level of skill, can still be implemented without too much alteration. x Read More: x So, what is MMR? While it is somewhat of a closely guarded secret by Blizzard due to the fact that they want players to focus on the game rather than just improving their MMR rating by only accomplishing certain tasks, community members have provided solid breakdowns as to how the system operates. Based on the SR of you and your team, the algorithm is set up to ensure that your ranking is always in the correct spot which begins in the pre-game lobby with three options:
How you perform in-game, which is tracked by an abundance of stats, along with wins against opponents of different SR levels assists in your overall placing, however, it is largely based on CONSISTENCY, rather than having a few games where you dominated the competition. Although SR ratings have the ability to fluctuate if a player is carried to a big win or, on the flipside, loses due to teammate incapability, the entire point of MMR is to calculate where you belong in the long-run.
  • If your MMR is too high for a Skill Rating, you will gain more and lose less. The game is trying to get you to a HIGHER SR with players of an equal MMR.
  • If your MMR is too low for a Skill Rating, you will gain less and lose more. The game is trying to get you to a LOWER SR with players of an equal MMR.
Even though some players may claim that they have been grouped in the wrong tier after completing placement matches, there is a chance that their performance did not truly match-up to how they thought they played. Read More: x The game, if WWII does indeed choose to implement MMR, will take a massive amount of factors into account such as win streaks, quality wins, and other circumstances which should accurately place you over time. x Call of Duty: WWII is set to release on November 3rd worldwide, with the community still awaiting any more information or confirmation regarding Ranked Play. x

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