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Archive • Jan 13, 2018

Watson of Renegades Posts Emotional Statement Following Disappointing CWL New Orleans Placing

Josh 'Watson' Watson of Renegades posted an emotional statement following a disappointing finish at CWL New Orleans. Forming at the beginning of the Call of Duty: WWII competitive season, the Renegades EU roster of Watson, Jordan 'Reedy' Reed, Gurdip 'SunnyB' Bains, and Jake 'Jake' Dalton looked to be a dominant force in the franchise's return to 'boots on the ground' combat following three years of 'advanced movement. However, just weeks after forming, the organization parted ways with Jake and eventually brought on veteran competitor Shane 'Shane' McKerral in early December for the CWL Dallas Open. The squad ended up finishing 25th-28th at Dallas, however, chose to stick together for the future in order to try their luck at CWL New Orleans, along with a shot at the Pro League in late January. After getting a top-64 finish at the CWL New Orleans Open following a loss to Overtime in the Open Bracket, Watson gave his thoughts on the situation at hand, stating how he wanted to apologize to his team, organization, and the fans for the New Orleans performance in a Twitlonger post.
Want to apologise to my team, org and my friends in gaming. After putting a shift in last year for it end with disappointment then to start this season with family issues and constant distractions. Ive let it interfere with my gaming and to then finish this event with my worst cod placement ever it has put me on a back foot where I will most likely have to start all over again. I’ve let everybody else’s problems outside of cod become my own, which resulted in me not focusing on myself and my career. It shouldn’t have took a poor placement to make me realise that I needed to be better to myself and team, I should have known better from the start. Regardless of whether people believe in me or not I’ve always believed that I can be the best and be successful but my head has always let me down. The time for change is needed whether I have to start from the very bottom or not. This is what I love doing the most. I’ve been playing cod for nearly 10 years now and i don’t regret a day. I am going to keep my head down and put a real shift in for the rest of the year and get to where I belong. Again, apologies to my team and anybody who’s shown me support throughout. The year has only just started and I’m determined to end 2018 on a high. Peace.
  While Watson mentioned that 'the time for a change is needed,' it is unknown if that is in regards to his current team situation at the time of writing.