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Archive • Sep 12, 2017

Valve Releases CS:GO Update — Includes Smoke Fix

On the 11th of September, Valve released a new update — — to their competitive first person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The update has enabled person to person trading for 'Perfect World', Valves remake of CS:GO aimed at the Chinese market that releases on September the 15th. Members of the CS:GO community discovered that by renaming three shader files in the CS:GO directory, they could make smoke grenades transparent and this became common knowledge between the 9th and the 11th of September when many YouTube creators uploaded videos of them showing the exploit in the hopes of it being fixed.

It is rumored that Valve has now added checks to the game to ensure the files cannot be tampered with. This is not confirmed in the official patch notes, but users have discovered their games display errors if they now try to use the exploit. x x   Other improvements recorded in the patch notes included the fixing of rare crashes on servers and new error detection for when NVIDIA graphics driver's fail to fully initialize. The patch notes and the rumored smoke exploit update were recorded on the Reddit forums. x

CS:GO Update

Perfect World:

  • Enabled person to person trading.


  • Fixed a rare crash on dedicated servers that disallowed votes.
  • Fixed players sometimes losing helmets when restoring round backups in tournament matches.
  • Added error detection when failing to fully initialize NVIDIA graphics driver.
Image credit: Valve

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