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Archive • Nov 21, 2017

Updated Skill Group Icons Introduced in CS:GO Patch 11/20/2017

A relatively small CS:GO update has been introduced, with the biggest change being the updated appearance of the skill group icons. With the significant 11/13/17 patch introducing the new "Trust Factor" matchmaking system for Prime users and bringing Operation Hydra to an end, the following update was always likely to comparatively minor. That is the case with the 11/20/2017 patch which focuses on small and aesthetic issues within the game rather than anything major. Perhaps the most significant change is that Valve has once again updated the skill group icons for matchmaking. For members of the CS:GO community that follow the scene closely, the fact that the Master Guardian Elite icon has finally been centered will surely be a relief - the fact that the 2 AK47s were not crossing the background circle centrally became something of a meme ever since its discovery. One helpful Reddit user compiled an Imgur album comparing the old and new skill icons: The full patch notes are as follows: MISC:
  • Updated to latest version of SteamNetworkingSockets library to better support relayed connections.
  • Fixed a regression where Aztec and Dust particle systems were failing to load in other maps.
  • Updated Skill Group icons.
  • Removed an unintentional dependency on Dynamic C Runtime in vvis map compiler, which should fix map compilation problems in some recent installations.
  • Added de_dust2_zoo map source file for community map makers.