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Archive • Feb 11, 2018

Tyler1's Insane Reaction to Hearing Someone Outside His House While Streaming

Popular live streamer Tyler1 was broadcasting live when he is believed to have heard someone outside his home, and so proceeds to react wildly and threaten the supposed trespasser. Tyler1, who was previously banned from Twitch, has recently returned to the site where he has almost 1.5 million followers, and attracts tens of thousands of viewers every time he goes live. A controversial figure, he is often seen playing League of Legends, as well as a mix of other games, and is known to have a volatile personality, as part of his on camera show. Upon his return to Twitch, has been involved in a number of controversies already, including striking up a feud with another hugely popular streamer, Dr DisRespect, after the two quarrelled over who held to record for highest concurrent viewers on Twitch. He has also made comments about the Twitch owners being "too old" and that the website has purposefully tried to hold him back from reaching his potential on the site. But none of this has prevented his exponential growth as a streamer, and with all the perks that come with it, there are undeniably some downsides. Of course there are the 'SWATting' attempts which have even caused the death of an innocent man, and are often targeted at live streamers, but also as with any fan following, there are those fans who take their support a little too far. Whether it is a fan or not that is the cause of this most recent stream moment, Tyler1's girlfriend suspects that there is someone outside their home, and someone who is not welcome. Tyler1 doesn't hesitate after hearing his partner's concerns, immediately jumping out his seat. He can be heard shouting:
"Hey, who the fuck is here?! Come out pussy! I'll Kill You!"
He then walks out of frame, only to return moments later with food, and continues his stream as if nothing happened at all.

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