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Archive • Jan 03, 2018

Twitch Streamer Summit1G Has a Painful Flashback Which Sparks a Brilliant Rant

The popular Twitch streamer Jaryd 'summit1g' Lazar was reminded of one of his biggest ever CS:GO blunders during a recent stream, prompting him to go on a hilarious rant. The American is currently an inactive member of Mythic and has always been a streamer first and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player second.

This has not stopped high profile teams from taking an interest in his talents, though, and the 30 year old has often proven himself to be competitive even at the highest levels. Unfortunately, one black mark against his name will never totally fade after a hilarious fail at DreamHack Austin 2016 saw him die to his own molotov while playing for Splyce against CLG. Leading the first map 15-11, summit looked set to close out the win and take the series lead after killing the last CLG player, but he then ran past the edge of his own molotov and died, much to the amusement of everyone watching.

CLG went on to close the map out in overtime and then took the second map and the series victory, making the summit molotov fail one of the most famous in history. During a recent stream with some of his Mythic teammates, summit took damage from a molotov which prompted him to go on a hilarious rant about the damage that they deal.  

  Saying that he wants the molotovs to be updated so that he can get a rematch with CLG, the popular streamer jokingly says that he hates the game in a lengthy tirade. Summit hasn't attended a LAN event since the molotov incident but did play for Mythic in a number of online competitions before going inactive. However, the ghost of molotovs past clearly still haunt the streamer's dreams. You can find a video of the DreamHack Austin fail below.