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Twitch Streamer m0E Complains About Fortnite Appearing Too Dark Before Realizing Something Awkward

Former professional CS:GO player and popular streamer Mohamad ‘m0E’ Assad found out why his Fortnite game looked too dark in the best possible way.

The American-Palestinian stopped competing in CS:GO professionally in 2016 but enjoyed a career all the way back into the mid-2000’s, even appearing in 2007 as part of the San Francisco Optx in the Championship Gaming Series.

As one of the more entertaining personalities in the CS:GO space, he branched out into streaming and creating content for his YouTube channel, and has gone on to become one of the scene’s more popular characters.

Much like the rest of the world, m0E frequently finds himself playing on Fortnite Battle Royale whilst on stream. The Epic Games title has become a worldwide hit after launching in September 2017 and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waining.

Unfortunately for m0E, despite his past accolades, he’s still human, and during one of his Fortnite streams, he made the incredible mistake of leaving his sunglasses on while streaming.

The best part is that he didn’t even realize and at one point actually complained about the game looking too dark and he couldn’t understand why.


After his team placed 21st in a game of Fortnite BR, he went to touch his face in frustration, and then realized what he’d done. His team can then be heard laughing at m0E’s expense.


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