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Archive • Feb 13, 2018

Twitch Streamer Broadcasts Phone Call as He Turns Down Sex to Play PUBG

The awkward moment when a Twitch streamer forgot to mute his mic to have a private phone call has gone viral. The streamer known as AnySPIDERPIG was just landing into a game of PLAYERUNKNOWN's BattleGrounds alongside his friends when he received a call from his girlfriend about her coming over.

The battle royale shooter is one of the most played PC titles currently alongside Fortnite, and is extremely popular with streamers due to the long games and strategy behind getting a win. Unfortunately for SPIDERPIG, he'd forgotten to let his other half know about his plans to play games all evening, and proceeded to take part in an awkward call.

It turns out SPIDERPIG wasn't interested in getting laid, as he explained that she should definitely not come over because he's too busy playing with his "retarded friends". The poor girl appears to have driven quite the distance to meet him already, but even then she's sympathetic to his plight for chicken dinners and says she doesn't mind, although sounds a bit upset that she'd put on makeup for the occasion. x  We may never know why SPIDERPIG decided to let the internet hear what happened, but we're thankful that we got to witness this awkward moment. Whether he should have let her come over, or whether they're still together is likely are questions likely to remain unanswered, but if it was you, what would you do? x