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Twitch Add Auto-Mod Feature To Stop Trolls

Twitch have announced a new AutoMod software to help combat offensive language in Twitch chats.

While moderators already have the power to ban people for posting inappropriate messages, such messages have to be seen in order to be responded to. With AutoMod, Twitch hope to prevent inappropriate or offensive messages from ever reaching the main chat.

AutoMod can be configured for the types of language a streamer wants it to combat, and once set up will check every chat message in real time. If it identifies a message that it deems offensive under its settings, and blocks it from being sent to the chat, instead going straight to the moderators. The chat moderators can then decide whether the message is appropriate before its ever seen by the general chat.

It’s another step forward in tackling the offensive and abusive messages that can sometimes plague Twitch chats, particularly when there are larger numbers of viewers. With AutoMod however Twitch are attempting to also ensure that users aren’t censored unjustly by a bot, creating a tool to help moderation while still leaving the final decision in the hands of the mods.

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