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Archive • Mar 19, 2018

Twenty Celebrities We Want to See at the Fortnite Battle Royale E3 Pro-Am Tournament

The idea of Fortnite turning into a fully fledged esport is one that both excites and worries in equal measure. Could the popularity of the Battle Royale mode work as a competitive title, and if so, how would it work when the top players go up against each other?

The announcement by the Fortnite development team on Thursday, March 15th confirmed that some form of competitive season is in the works, however, they've stopped short of revealing any more details. They did reveal that a host of celebrities will be invited to the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament hosted at E3 in June. Over 50 celebs and top players will be invited to compete in a showmatch.

This got us thinking about which celebrities we'd like to see compete on the stage, so we made a list of the celebs who we know are into gaming. Who would you like to see involved? Tweet us @Dexerto!  

Post Malone - Rapper

We've already seen him play Call of Duty alongside former CoD commentator, Courage, so we know he's keen for some gaming. x

Deadmau5 - DJ

He's already had some beef with Fortnite streamer Ninja following the Drake stream, so let's make it happen on the battlefield.  

JuJu Smith-Schuster - NFL Player

He's part of FaZe Clan and he was part of that now legendary stream with Ninja alongside Drake and Travis Scott. So he's confirmed?  

Drake - Rapper

He practically broke Twitch when he streamed with Ninja. Enough said.  

Travis Scott - Rapper

Travis teamed up with Ninja, JuJu and Drake for that epic stream. So again, let's get him confirmed.  

Justin Bieber - Singer

Bieber is well known to be an avid gamer and he's one of the most famous artists on the planet. He's one of the few who could outshine Drake if he played on Twitch with Ninja.  

Neymar - Footballer 

We know Brazilian footballer Neymar is a big gamer as he's often pictured with the SK Gaming CS:GO team. He's also got his own PUBG server.  

Mila Kunis - Actor

The Ted star is apparently an avid gamer, so much so that her voice was once recognized when playing online and has played on mute since.  

Snoop Dogg - Rapper

We've all seen Snoop stream whilst 'playing' on Twitch before, and he just simply never gets old to watch.  

Eminem - Rapper

Incredibly outspoken but apparently a big fan of computer games. Sign this man up.  

Casey Neistat - YouTuber

Perhaps less of a conventional celebrity in this list, but he's recognized worldwide for changing the vlogging game. He's also a keen gamer and has a setup in his office.  

Seth Rogan - Actor

The comedian is a well-known gamer and has featured gaming in a number of his movies. He's also an A-list celebrity so the attention would be good. x

Lamelo Ball - Basketball Player

The sixteen-year-old professional basketball player has already shown his skills alongside Nadeshot on Fortnite. x

Logic - Rapper

He's Ninja's number one choice of rapper to play with next and he's already part of the esports community due to his GFUEL and FaZe Clan affiliation. x

Ronda Rousey - Wrestler and former UFC Fighter

She could have anybody on this list in a fight, and judging by her self-confessed WoW addiction, potentially in game too. x

Chance the Rapper

Chance is such a big gamer that he's requested Fortnite becomes available on the Nintendo Switch for on the move access.  

Joe Jonas - Singer

We know the singer is keen because he's already published his PSN for people to add him to play. x

Josh Hart - Basketballer

Potentially the biggest Fortnite fan in this list, Josh Hart even has his own custom pair of Fornite sneakers. x

Lil Yachty - Rapper

Another member of the FaZe Clan organization, rapper Lil Yachty recently celebrated in style after winning his first Fortnite win and he went wild.  

Elon Musk - Entrepreneur

Last but not least we have the man who sends stuff to space. He's reportedly a fan of the Overwatch League and has attended numerous gaming events with his kids. x