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TSM Owner Pushes Sean Gares Out Over Players Rights Letter

The first casualty of the players rights protest letter appears to be the new look Team Solomid CS:GO team.

The open letter written by Scott ‘SirScoots’ Smith was posted on December 21st, and backed by 25 players from TSM, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Immortals and CLG.

The aim of the letter was to highlight the demands of Professional Esports Association (PEA), who are requiring that all teams involved must compete in their $1 million league, and as a result would be barred from competing in the widely popular ESL Pro League. Something the players involved say they have had no say about.

Team Solomid player Sean ‘SGares’ Gares has now posted a conversation between himself and his new owner,  Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh. The interaction shows Reginald questioning why Sean has tarnished his brand publicly rather than having a discussion regarding the situation, which ultimately leads to the two parties feeling they must part ways.

The former Echo Fox player had only signed for the North American organisation on December 16th.


The Team Solomid owner responded to the accusations via Twitlonger, claiming “he [Sean] misled and manipulated my other players, convincing them to add their names to a letter they had not read and did not understand.


Meanwhile the remaining four TSM CS:GO players wrote their own letter, published via Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver’s Twitter account, which refuted the claims that Sean had misled them into believing anything and that they all signed the letter based on either a conversation with SirScoots or reading it themselves.


In a final response, Sean Gares wrote a reply to Reginald based on the accusations made by the TSM owner. He claims that by the time he joined the new squad, the other players had already reached out to SirScoots in order to start the negotiations of the what the letter would entail.

He ends the message by saying he had enjoyed his time on TSM, but that as players, they should be able to stand up for each other without being afraid of being accused by owners of damaging a brand. He ends the message with the hashtag, #PlayersRights.


The PEA situation appears to be far from over, but with what appears to be overwhelming public support in favour of the players, how long until one of the organisations involved backs out of their agreement?

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