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Archive • Feb 21, 2018

True Geordie Reveals His One Regret About Commentating the KSI vs Joe Weller Fight in Fascinating YouTube Documentary

The KSI vs Joe Weller fight broke multiple records when it took place in Feb 2018, including taking the title as the biggest charity boxing event in history. The sold-out Copper Box Arena in London saw 8,000 people turn up, with a further one million watching it live via YouTube as KSI won the bout with a third-round stoppage.

When KSI watched the fight back in one of his YouTube videos to break down what happened, he mentioned that commentator Brian 'TrueGeordie' Davis was clearly biased towards Joe Weller. TrueGeordie is another British personality hailing from Newcastle in England and has risen to popularity through his YouTube podcasts and vlogs, that have included guests such as Robbie Williams, the guy behind FakeTaxi and a host of other characters.

A documentary has been released by TrueGeordie on a new YouTube channel called XO. In the 39 minute video, we see behind the scenes in the buildup to the fight with True Geordie interviewing both KSI and Joe Weller ahead of the clash. Alongside the fight information, we're also treated to the background of how True Geordie became a YouTuber after being a diver for a number of years. The video guides us right up until the fight, including the commentator explaining his relationship with both fighters, and admits that he is closer to Joe Weller than KSI for a variety of reasons. Geordie Interviewing KSI After the Fight During the out credits of the documentary, he revealed that he wish he'd been less bothered about Joe following the stoppage, and built up KSI's win more.
"One thing I did realize after the fact was that JJ (KSI) had the best night of his life, but emotionally you can hear that I'm a bit gutted that my friend has had his head kicked in. So he doesn't get the soundtrack that he deserved. I wish I'd built up that win more and let go of what I was feeling about Joe, but it's hard when you know people so well."

He continued to explain that because of high profile the two characters are, everyone had a preference about who they wanted to win so anyone would have leaned one way in his position. However, he's still disappointed in himself.
"I am disappointed in myself, I think I could have been more professional, I wish I had of been more professional. But I'm just a fucking human being." x