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Dexerto’s Top 10 Call of Duty Teams of the Year

The Call of Duty scene had an eventful 2016 as it welcomed onboard the CoD World League structure, backed by Activision.

In the first year that the publisher openly supported season long events and tournaments, we saw Black Ops 3 used as a test to find out what the competitive community were happy to accept.

Single elimination, unrestricted rules and an online pro league were all tried and deemed surplus to requirements in what will go down as one of the most controversial years in the series history.

Despite the setbacks, Call of Duty esports fans were treated to an array of large scale tournaments, including the biggest event in the game’s history, the return of both MLG and streaming once again on Twitch.


So who were the standout Call of Duty teams in 2016? We’ve picked our top 10 favourite lineups who featured across the year, based on achievements and impact. Make sure you vote for who you think should be the top Call of Duty team from 2016.

Please note: A player can only feature once in the list. For example, Faccento couldn’t feature in Rise who won MLG Las Vegas and the Elevate squad who placed second at Champs. The list is chosen based upon scale of achievements, not prize money or poor performances. Teams must have competed at at least 3 events together to qualify.

Dexerto’s Top 10 Call of Duty Teams of 2016

1. Team EnVyUs

USA John USA Apathy USA Jkap USA Slasher

 envyus 2

This squad are the obvious choice for number one spot in 2016, as they won both the North American CoD World League Stage 2 playoffs alongside Call of Duty XP’s $2 million World Championships. Even OpTic fans would struggle to deny this team became the perfect Black Ops 3 team.

The team are sticking together for 2017.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: CoD XP 2016 ($800,000)
  • 1st: CWL Stage 2 Playoffs ($66,000)
  • 2nd: MLG Orlando Open ($24,000)
  • 7th/8th: MLG Anaheim ($2,000)
  • 9th/12th: MLG Las Vegas

2. OpTic Gaming

USA Crimsix USA Scump USA Formal canada Karma

optic 3

The fan favourites didn’t quite have the impact they had during Advanced Warfare, but still managed to win five events across the Black Ops 3 season, including the North American CWL Stage 1 playoffs, both MLG open events and ESWC 2016 in Paris. The crown on the top would have been the CoD XP title, but once again it slipped through their grasp.

The team have stuck together and plan to compete in 2017 without any roster changes.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: MLG Orlando ($40,000)
  • 1st: MLG Anaheim ($40,000)
  • 1st: EWSC Paris ($20,000)
  • 1st: Crown Melbourne Invitational ($30,000)
  • 1st: NA CWL Stage 1 Playoffs ($66,000)
  • 5th/6th: MLG Las Vegas Open ($4,000)
  • 5th/8th: UMG South Carolina ($3,500)
  • 5th/8th: CWL Stage 2 Playoffs ($16,000)
  • 7th/8th: CoD XP 2016 ($50,000)

3. Splyce

uk flag Rated uk flag Joe uk flag Joshh uk flag Bance


The first European squad in this list, but certainly not the last. This squad surprised everyone at Call of Duty XP with an incredible run to finish second behind Team EnVyUs. The team had shown promise before the event, placing 1st at the Gfinity Summer Masters, second at ESWC and 3rd to 4th in the European CWL S2 playoffs.

They split after the world championships to go in separate directions, but will go down in history as the team who changed perceptions of European squads in the international scene.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: Gfinity Summer Masters ($10,000)
  • 2nd: CoD XP 2016 ($250,000)
  • 2nd: ESWC Paris ($10,000)
  • 3rd/4th: EU CWL S2 Playoffs ($24,000)
  • 9th/12th: MLG Anaheim

4. Rise Nation

USA Loony USA Classic USA Slacked USA Octane

rise winner

Rise Nation were a constant threat throughout the year 2016, taking the first tournament at UMG South Carolina, before placing second at the NA CWL S1 playoffs. Although the squad dipped slightly across the year, they were always a struggle for opposition teams to break down, with their lowest placement only 5th/6th.

At the end of the Black Ops 3 season, Loony was dropped by the remaining three players who joined Luminosity Gaming.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: UMG South Carolina ($28,000)
  • 2nd: NA CWL S1 Playoffs ($40,000)
  • 3rd: ESWC Paris ($6,000)
  • 3rd: MLG Anaheim ($16,000)
  • 3rd/4th: NA CWL S2 Playoffs ($24,000)
  • 5th/6th: CoD XP 2016 ($70,000)
  • 5th/6th: MLG Orlando ($4,000)


5. Elevate

USA Faccento USA Nagafen USA Felony USA Aqua


The Elevate squad were known throughout 2016 for being incredible at events, but terrible online. They didn’t manage to win an event together, but were consistently in the top 4 throughout their time together as a squad. A highlight will have been third at CoD XP and 2nd at MLG Anaheim.

Despite an impressive performance throughout the year, Nagafen was dropped in favour of Loony and the team joined Rise Nation.

Event Achievements

  • 2nd: MLG Anaheim ($24,000)
  • 3rd CoD XP 2016 ($150,000)
  • 3rd: MLG Orlando ($16,000)

6. Millenium

uk flag Swanny uk flag Madcat uk flag Tommey ireland Jurd

Millenium 1

The Millenium squad were awarded the title of God squad after forming at the start of Black Ops 3 and they proved their worth with back to back European CoD World League titles. They never did quite fulfilled their potential on the international stage, but were always considered a threat.

After Swanny was unable to attend CoD XP 2016 due to health issues, the team broke apart with Jurd and Madcat both joining the new Splyce team.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: CWL EU S1 Playoffs ($52,000)
  • 1st: CWL EU S2 Playoffs ($52,000)
  • 1st: SFCO PS43 BOIII ($2,600)
  • 2nd: Crown Melbourne Invitational ($12,000)
  • 3rd/4th: Gfinity Summer Masters 2016 ($1,500)
  • 3rd/4th: EGL London ($2,500)
  • 4th: ESWC Paris ($4,000)

7. FaZe Clan

USA Clayster USA Enable USA ZooMaa USA Attach

optic gaming faze

After such an impressive end to Advanced Warfare in 2015, everyone was confused that this FaZe Clan squad couldn’t get passed the top 4 spot during Black Ops 3. In what they admit was a lack of practice, the team look to be back in action after winning the PSX Invitational in the first Infinite Warfare event, before placing 3rd at MLG Las Vegas.

The team have moved into a team house and look to be one of the ones to watch in 2017.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: PSX Invitational ($8,000)
  • 3rd: MLG Las Vegas ($16,000)
  • 3rd/4th: NA CWL S1 Playoffs ($24,000)
  • 4th: MLG Orlando ($8,000)
  • 4th: MLG Anaheim ($8,000)
  • 5th/8th: NA CWL S2 Playoffs ($16,000)
  • 5th/8th: ESWC Paris ($2,500)
  • 5th/8th: UMG South Carolina ($3,500)

8. Team Infused

uk flag MarkyB uk flag Zer0 uk flag Peatie uk flag Urban


Due to roster changes throughout the year, Team Infused became the fourth longest serving four behind MF, OG and FaZe, and it showed in their results. Winning EGL London at the start of the year, they became well known for being tricky for North American teams to match up against. Their results didn’t always do them justice however, after often getting placed against the top American teams early in tournaments.

The squad split at the end of Black Ops 3 with Urban and Zer0 both leaving to join Orbit.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: EGL London ($10,000)
  • 2nd: EU CWL S2 Playoffs ($24,000)
  • 3rd/4th: EU CWL S1 Playoffs ($24,000)
  • 5th/6th: MLG Anaheim ($4,000)
  • 5th/8th: Gfinity Summer Masters ($500)
  • 5th/8th: ESWC Paris ($2,5000)
  • 9th/12th: MLG Orlando
  • 13th/16th: CoD XP 2016 ($20,000)

9. Luminosity Gaming



The Luminosity squad are the last North American team in this lineup, and despite their challenges, including failing to get a top 2 placement, they were always considered a threat throughout the year. They were responsible for taking down OpTic at the CWL S2 playoffs and were always consistent when it came to the large MLG Open events.

The team disbanded after Black Ops 3, with Saints picking up 3 of the Rise Nation lineup for Infinite Warfare.

Event Achievements

  • 3rd/4th: NA CWL S2 Playoffs ($24,000)
  • 5th/6th: MLG Orlando ($4,000)
  • 5th/6th: MLG Anaheim ($4,000)
  • 9th/12th: CoD XP 2016 ($30,000)

10. Mindfreak

australia Denz australia Shockz australia Fighta australia Buzzo

mindfreak number 1

The final team in our list is from the Australia and New Zealand region. Mindfreak won back to back ANZ CWL Pro Division titles, including a 3rd/4th finish at the Crown Invitational and 1st place at the Mwave CGPL Autumn tournament.

Although the squad struggled at CoD XP 2016 as they failed to get out of the groups, with more international events in 2017, the team will finally get the chance to compete on a regular basis against the best in the world.

Event Achievements

  • 1st: ANZ CWL S1 Playoffs ($44,000)
  • 1st: ANZ CWL S2 Playoffs ($44,000)
  • 1st: Mwave CGPL Autumn ($4,000)
  • 3rd/4th: Crown Melbourne Invitational ($6,000)
  • 17th/24th: CoD XP 2016 ($15,000)

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