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Archive • Feb 11, 2016

The First Ever Tweets by Call of Duty Pros & Personalities

Since its inception, Twitter has been the glue that has held the Call of Duty community together. The game's finest stars and most entertaining personalities have amassed a huge following over the years. But everyone has to start somewhere, right? We take a look back at the first Tweets made by prominent members of the Call of Duty community


Killa was staying true to himself

  Shane was planning a big night   Aches was evolving into the man he is today  

Mike knew deep down it wouldn't be enough

  Sharp had accepted his place in the community  

Syndicate was dreaming of success

  Proofy was trying to track down the elusive Paul Megna.  

Callum Swan was being Callum Swan. Surprisingly this Tweet got no replies, favourites or Retweets.

  Crimsix just wanted to play some Halo  

Nade was all about knocking some balls about

  Maven was sharing the love  

Courage started putting in the ground work with his future employer

  While MarkyB talked football rather than CoD  

Joshh was trying to get to the bottom of some important revelations

  Fwiz was putting in work for the community  

Parasite was confused by the whole affair

Attach was simply looking for a place to call home. Great gamertag also.

  Clayster was surprising himself  

Scump was getting pumped

  Hecz was all about the fans  

BigTymer was bending the ear of the powers that be


Merk was giving the people what they wanted

  Pacman was all about the game  

Loony was conducting some important research

  MBoze was announcing travel plans   Hastro was just glad to be in with the cool kids  

I can't tell if JKap was throwing some smack talk here

  Rambo's Twitter account didn't even belong to him yet  

Nameless was laying down a warning about his new team

  What was your first Tweet? You can find out by using this website.
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