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Archive • Feb 15, 2018

The Academy Rosters of Seven Overwatch League Teams Have Been Revealed

The rosters of seven more Overwatch League Academy teams have been revealed. Eight Overwatch League teams are set to field Academy rosters in Overwatch Contenders, the next tier of competition beneath the OWL. Of those, seven will compete in Contenders NA, while London Spitfire, the only team in the league representing a European city, will have an academy team in Contenders EU.

So far, Philadelphia Fusion's academy team, Fusion University, is the only one to have officially confirmed its roster. In a recent report by ESPN, however, the rosters of the other seven Overwatch League academy teams have been revealed - although the report highlights that additional signings may yet be made. The teams feature players from a range of backgrounds, from Korean pros with APEX experience to the entire "Those Guys" squad, the winners of the latest Overwatch PIT EU, who will represent London Spitfire. The full rosters are expected to be revealed by Blizzard and the teams on Thursday February 15th and 11:00am PT. The next season of Contenders for both North America and Europe will kick off on March 5th.
Image via Blizzard

New York Excelsior Academy

Player Role
 Hwang 'Fl0w3r' Yeon-oh  DPS
 Jeong 'Nenne' Yeon Kwan  DPS
 Adam 'Adam' Eckel  Support
 Mike 'Midnight' Ryan  Tank
 Anthony 'Goliath' Pietro  Support
 James 'Cloneman16' D'Arcangelo  Tank

London Spitfire Academy

Player Role
 Cameron 'Fusions' Bosworth  Tank
 Hafþór 'Hafficool' Hákonarson  Flex
 Finley 'Kyb' Adisi  DPS
 Philip 'Kragie' Krag  DPS
 Ryan 'CrusaDe' van Wegen  Support
 Jakob 'bock1' Kleveland  Support
 Daniel 'FunnyAstro' Hathaway  Support

Houston Outlaws Academy

Player Role
 Ryu 'Kaiser' Sang-hoon  Tank
 Luís 'Greyy' Perestrelo  Support
 Jae Yoon 'Aid' Go  Support
 Matthew 'Voll' Wallace  Tank
 Justin 'Kellar' Kellar  DPS
 Hugo 'SharP' Sahlberg  DPS
 Justin 'RinaVX' Jeoh  DPS
 Smurf  Tank

Boston Uprising Academy

Player Role
 Cho 'Guardian' Joon-hwan  Tank
 Son 'Oge' Min-seok  Tank
 Charlie 'nero' Zwarg  DPS
 Dalton 'Dalton' Bennyhoff  DPS
 Grant 'Moth' Espe  Support

Florida Mayhem Academy

Player Role
 Michael 'MikeyA' Adams  DPS
 Derek 'zza' Johnson  Tank
 Carl 'crems' Aspehult  Flex
 Moop3y  Tank
 Paintbrush  Support
 Mohr  Support

San Francisco Shock Academy

Player Role
 Seong-won 'Butcher' Yoon  Tank
 Dae-min 'Daemin' Kim  DPS
 Robert 'rob420' Garcia  Support
 Riley 'Fahzix' Taylor  Support
 Eoghan 'Smex' O'Neill  Flex
 Ethan 'Stratus' Yankel  DPS

Los Angeles Gladiators Academy

Player Role
 Byung Ho 'Parker' Lee  Tank
 Corey 'Corey' Nigra  DPS
 Mark 'Pookz' Rendon  Support
 Randal 'Roolf' Stark  Support
 Daniel 'Gods' Graeser  DPS
 Jeffrey 'blasé' Tsang  Flex/DPS