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Tensions Flare Between OpTic Gaming’s Crimsix and Rise Nation’s TJHaLy Over Shooting Bodies

The notion of shooting a dead body on the floor after killing someone in game is universally known as one of the most disrespectful things an opponent can do.

Over the years there has been plenty of situations where shooting bodies has got into the heads of the other players, but it can also have the opposite effect a fire a player up for someone to take revenge.

Across the CoD World League season for WWII we have seen shooting bodies go wrong, with epic comebacks giving the move the reputation of being jinxed.

When it does go wrong there is often plenty of backlash from the player who’s received it and during a game of money 8’s between a number of professional players, OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter called out Rise Nations Thomas ‘TJHaly’ Haly.

The premise of money 8’s involves professional players competing in mix teams, often for a small cash wager in order to ensure all players are definitely trying to win.

During the stream of Rise captain Daniel ‘Loony’ Loza, Crimsix called out TJHaly for shooting his body, and the two ended up in something of a war of words.

Warning: some NFSW words.



OpTic Gaming and Rise Nation will both be competing at CWL Seattle between April 20th and 22nd in the fifth major CoD World League open event of the year.

The two teams aren’t featured in the same group, but have the opportunity to play each other in the championship bracket later in the tournament. Click view to view the full schedule for Friday’s matches.


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