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Archive • Jan 14, 2018

Team Kaliber Defeat Luminosity to Advance to Second Consecutive Major Grand Final

CWL New Orleans

Winner Bracket Final

 Team Kaliber: Chino, Accuracy, Kenny, Theory


 Luminosity: JKap, Octane, Slacked, John

Team Kaliber have reached their second consecutive grand final of WWII with a victory against Luminosity at CWL New Orleans. It was Luminosity who drew first blood, hitting the ground running with a 250-197 Gibraltar Hardpoint to take an early advantage. Team Kaliber were quick to put a halt to their momentum, however, responding with a convincing 6-3 win on USS Texas to tie things up at 1-1. Flak Tower hosted Capture the Flag, and despite some earlier struggles on the map tK were able to keep pace with Luminosity. As the clock ticked down on the second half, it was Team Kaliber who were able to clutch up, finding themselves on the winning side of a couple of key plays to secure a 3-1 victory and advance to match point.

Luminosity's series life depended on another big Hardpoint performance, and it looked towards the end of Sainte Marie du Mont like they were going to deliver. The pressure was on Team Kaliber to mount a come-back, but suddenly things began to go wrong for LG. With Team Kaliber in control of the second-to-last hill, Luminosity couldn't quite pick up the final kills they needed, coming close but never fully flushing out the whole of the tK squad. Having gambled everything on a break that never came, LG found themselves out of position for the final rotation, and Team Kaliber clutched up for the 3-1 victory. Luminosity fall to the lower bracket final, where they await a winner between Red Reserve and Rise Nation. Team Kaliber, meanwhile, remain undefeated, and are still on track to repeat their CWL Dallas championship victory. x Team Kaliber vs Luminosity HP Gibraltar 197-250 SND USS Texas 6-3 CTF Flak Tower 3-1 HP Sainte Marie du Mont 250-243