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Archive • Jan 14, 2018

Team Kaliber Continue Unbeaten Run With Victory Over Rise Nation in Winners Round One

CWL New Orleans

Winners Round 1

 Team Kaliber: Accuracy, Theory, Kenny, Chino


 Rise Nation: Loony, Methodz, Gunless, TJHaLy

The first championship bracket match up on main stage saw two North American squads face off to avoid an early fall to the losers bracket. CWL Dallas champions Team Kaliber would be heavy favorites, but with the impressive performance from Methodz in particular for Rise so far, they couldn't be counted out.

Despite Rise Nation taking a small lead at the start of the opening match, S&D on Ardennes, Kenny of tK was a man on a mission, with 20 kills before either team had hit the 100 point mark. His slaying pressure allowed tK to take the lead, and once Kenny's teammates, who had had a slow start, also began to focus up, Team Kaliber began to extend out to a more comfortable lead. Rise refused to go away though, and with one solid hold, kept the game very close. With both teams sitting at around the 180 mark, Team Kaliber, not for the first time of the tournament, were able to keep their focus at the very end, rotating earlier and with a solid hold on bunker, took it 250 - 194 If Kenny was the star of the hardpoint, it was his teammate Chino's turn to take over early in the Search and Destroy, once more on Ardennes Forest. Thanks to his back to back first blood kills, and also earning streaks thanks to a 7/0 start from Chino, tK quickly found themselves up three rounds. Rise managed to take two rounds back however, as tK cheaply lost an offence when they had the man advantage with bomb down. Chino took matters back into his own hands though, as he used his streaks, as well as positioning himself behind the wood wall with his BAR on every defence, single handedly denying Rise any joy on that side of the map. tK didn't falter as the won comfortably 6-2 on their strongest SnD map.

Rise Nation struck first in the CTF on Flak Tower, and were pinning Team Kaliber in their base for the majority of the first side. Gunless began to shine, for truthfully first time in the series as he was quiet in the opening two maps. Despite all their pressure and slaying, Rise didn't effectively use their map control to rally any captures, and held a narrow 1-0 lead at the half. The second half, Gunless slowed down, but Loony took his place, earning full score streaks for himself, and also making a successful flag run himself to double his teams advantage. Effective streak usage helped Rise take a 3-0 lead, and with only 9 seconds remaining for tK to rebuttal, time was too short. Rise seemed to have woken up entirely after their strong CTF performance carried over into the second hardpoint, but despite entirely dominating in kills, they failed to extend a significant score lead over tK. Slow starts from Theory and Kenny were made up for by Accuracy, who earned streaks which used well allowed the match to swing in their favor with both teams just short of the 150 point mark. From this point on though, tK showed why they are the reigning champs, as they were outslayed but still managed to hit the 200 point mark first. A good rotation to the courtyard hill allowed Rise to regain some of their control. But, as has come to be expected, Kenny didn't stay cold for long, and as he heated up and Accuracy still had streaks to burn, the task proved too much to overcome. Team Kaliber advanced to the winners round 2 match, where they would face the winners eUnited and Evil Geniuses. Team Kaliber vs Rise Nation HP Ardennes Forest 250 - 194 SND Ardennes Forest 6 - 2 CTF London Docks 0 - 3 HP Gibraltar 250 - 221   Follow our coverage from the event via our dedicated hub with links to the stream, schedule, brackets, rosters, groups and more! x