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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

Team EnVyUs Owner Hastr0 Provides Background on the Dallas Fuel Overwatch League Branding

Team EnVyUs Owner Mike 'Hastr0' Rufail provides insight on their new Dallas Fuel Overwatch League branding. Since the founding of the team in 2007, Team EnVyUs has grown to become one of the most recognizable esports organizations across the globe, fielding a variety of top-tier rosters in a mix of different games. As of writing, they are involved in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch, with numerous championships to their name over the years. It was announced that the organization would be moving to Dallas, Texas and joining the coveted Overwatch League with a $35 million investment from the Hersh Interactive Group, which has connections to the oil and natural-gas industry. Due to restrictions about pre-existing branding from Blizzard, no team participating in the OWL will be allowed to use any organization names, leading to the creation of the Dallas Fuel team name in place of the Team EnVyUs brand. When discussing the choice of title, Hastr0 explains that the organization wanted to pick something that represented the culture of Dallas, and their connection to the energy sector.
"We wanted soemthing to be authentic to the city of Dallas and the surrounding area And part of the Dallas culture, and Dallas economy and industry is very much the energy sector. With our great partners with Hersh Interactive Group, Ken Hersh has certainly had a lifetime involvement in the energy industry. And with that, we just thought that the blue flame would represent Dallas extremely well as our logo. We feel like the fans actually have something that they can call their own that is authentic to Dallas, and the Dallas Fuel name is just that."
He mentions how fan-engagement is incredibly important to them in a live-setting and stresses how the entertainment value is crucial to develop a loyal base of supporters for the future.
"First and foremost, we want opportunities for the fans to engage with us in a live setting. I mean, I think that's just really important. Instead of just sitting at home at your desk watching Twitch or watching a tournament that we're playing in, we went you to be able to come to our facilities, our venue, meet the players, meet the other fans of the team, meet our staff, really get engaged - and I think that's going to happen pretty early on in the first year or so."
You can view Hastr0's full statement regarding the Dallas Fuel in the video below. x The preseason for the Overwatch League begins on Wednesday, December 6th at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, California, with the inaugural season kicking off on Wednesday, January 10th 2018. x

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