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Team EnVyUs Offer Bullied Disabled Streamer Loop An Opportunity

The viral story of Adam ‘Loop’ Bahzir did the rounds on April 17th when the CS:GO community rallied behind him after being discriminated.

Joining an ESEA game on April 17th, he was told by his team he would be muted before being kicked due to the way he sounded. This is because Loop is legally blind and suffers from a rare genetic condition called HSAN type 2.

Upon hearing about the way he was treated, a number of CS:GO pro players got in contact and started playing a number of games, boosting his stream number from 10 viewers to 3,000.

Pro players including Cloud9’s Jordan ‘N0thing’ Gilbert and EnVyUs star Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom played matches, and former pro Mohamad ‘moE’ Assad donated over a $1,000.

It appears his new found fame has also caught the attention of Team EnVyUs, one of the biggest esports brands currently operating. They extended an offer via Twitter to join their stream team.


The offer looks like it could be accepted too, with the streamer responding asking if he was dreaming.

The original nV Tweet has already received over 100 RT’s and nearly 500 RT’s. We’ve reached out to Lo0p for comment on the situation and his plans going forward.

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