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Archive • Mar 17, 2018

Team Envy and Fnatic CS:GO Stars Claim Laggy PC's Affecting $1.5 Million Tournament

The $1.5 million CS:GO tournament hosted by WESG has already come under fire from players, and now Team Envy's ScreaM and Fnatic's Krimz have highlighted issues of laggy PC's causing issues in matches. Before the tournament even began, a number of high profile players, including G2 player Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas and Cloud9's Will "Rush" Weirzba, complained about the terrible accommodation provided for players at the event in China.

The tournament organizers apologized swiftly and players were quickly accommodated elsewhere, but it wasn't the last of the problems to crop up. Recently, following tough losses, some players publicly complained about issues with PC's being 'laggy', and claim that it has directly impacted the outcome of matches.

A major issue appeared to occur during Fnatic's match against Brazilian team "Team One", in which a round restarted at complete random, and Fnatic players can be seen typing in the chat asking the admin to "wake up" and saying "admin u have a 1.5 million tournament running" Following the incident, Team Envy's Adil "ScreaM" Benriltom, who had been playing for Team Belgium at the event due to the tournament's roster rules, took to Twitter to claim that the reason there had been so many upsets had been due to technical issues.

Fnatic's Freddy "Krimz" Johansson also corrobarated ScreaM's claims, after some thought he may have been making an excuse or taking credit away from the Brazilian team, Team One, who had beaten Cloud9. At the time of writing, WESG has not commented on issues being reported by players, but there certainly have been a number of surprising upsets, which some fans may now believe were, at least partly, contributed to by PC issues. Fnatic have already earned their place in the Grand Final, where they will face Turkish team Space Soldiers. Team One lost the semi final match to Fnatic, and will face Team Russia in the third place playoff match.

Image Credit (left): HLTV