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Archive • Mar 08, 2018

Take a Look at the Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal Trailer

March 8th marked an exciting day for Call of Duty fans around the world when the title and release of the next game, Black Ops 4, was revealed via a live stream on Twitch. The announcement took everybody by surprise as Call of Duty games are not usually announced until later in the year, but rumors within the community and some cryptic clues soon alerted players to the possibility of something happening.

Then, out of nowhere, the Call of Duty channel on Twitch went live and one of the strangest and most drawn out video game reveals of all time soon followed. Two characters in dark overalls walked into a shot alongside a large metal sheet and started to use grinders to cut it. With no cuts or pauses, the total time for the metal cutting lasted around 10 minutes, but eventually a Black Ops 4 logo - identical to the one that had been previously leaked - was all that was left standing.

There was then a cut where a short montage of clips from previous Black Ops games were shown in quick succession followed by the release date for the game: October 12th. Yes, October 12th, a month earlier than would usually be expected. If you don't believe us, you can check out the video of the entire announcement below:

  The video ends by saying that there will also be a community reveal event on May 17th before telling everyone to "forget what you know". Well, with early announcements and early release dates, we've already forgotten what we thought we knew about Call of Duty, so what's coming next is anyone's guess.