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Archive • Sep 25, 2017

Twitch Streamer Known for Her Revealing Outfits Admits "It was so annoying you had to pretend to like video games"

If it wasn't already a concern amongst viewers about the direction of Twitch, this clip from a notorious 'booby streamer' known as Miramisu confirms everything you need to know about a growing element of the platform. Once upon a time streaming platform Twitch was known as a, but after switching up the name to it's current title and being sold to Amazon, the company have grown to be the market leader as a place to watch people do everything from playing games to walking about the streets with a camera. When it first launched as Twitch, the website required the streamer to play a game in order to maintain their position on the site, with a number of high-profile names being suspended if they sat and chatted for too long without playing.

That all changed in late 2016 when the IRL (In Real Life) section was launched, allowing personalities to merely walk around the street with a simple streaming setup if they so wished. One streamer known for her revealing outfits has now admitted that it was a relief when they launched IRL, because it meant she didn't have to pretend to care about video games anymore. Miramisu has been viewed over 6 million times on her Twitch channel, but a recent admission has gone viral, receiving over 130,000 views in just three days. Speaking to the camera, she explained that she's glad she doesn't have to pretend to like video games anymore because of the IRL section.
"In the past dude, it was so annoying that you had to pretend to like video games right? You had to go on Twitch and you were wearing like your cleavage and waiting for donations, but you had to pretend to care that you like video games. Now, thanks to IRL, I can just sit here without even playing. That's amazing. Just bless you Twitch."
Here comments have enraged a number of people who believe that Twitch shouldn't cater for the IRL community and should stick to games and esports. However, with various IRL streamers consistently sitting in the most popular streams and clips section of the website, it doesn't appear we'll be seeing much of a change anytime soon. x