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Archive • Apr 28, 2018

Streamer Hospitalized in Car Crash After Livestreaming While Driving to "Make it less boring"

A YouTube streamer was involved in a serious crash while driving as he livestreamed, and is currently hospitalized. David Slavitt, known as "LamedDuckG" on YouTube, was live streaming because it made the journey "less boring", when after just over 40 minutes he was t-boned by a massive rig truck. He had been driving through Llano, California, when he reached the intersection 165th Street East at Avenue T, and while distracted by his stream chat and holding his phone in his hand, he failed to stop at the sign and failed to notice the massive truck coming down the main road, The truck driver, Elias Orozco, said he attempted to swerve out of the way of the vehicle, but hit his driver side door, the collision of which can be seen in the footage. Slavitt, 30, was airlifted to Apple Valley Hospital hospital where it is believed he is currently in a stable position, while Orozco was unhurt. This is the second incident in a matter of days involving live streaming and road danger, after another popular YouTube streamer, ICE_POSEIDON was almost involved in a serious accident as he was broadcasting. Police officer Sergeant Steve Geraty said the incident was yet another example of the dangers of distracted driving, and the phenomenon of live streaming, snap chatting or taking video while driving is posing a serious risk.
"This individual luckily did not lose his life in the collision. This could have been a family of five going to school or worse and the fact of the matter is that he's the only injury in this collision is lucky."
Just before the truck hit his vehicle, Slavitt turned the camera to point at himself, however the reflection of the truck can be seen in his sun glasses. x You can watch the moment his vehicle is hit in the below video, at around the 43:00 minute mark. x x

Source: CBS