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Archive • Mar 03, 2018

Streamer Exposes Her Viewers for Clipping Her Standing Up "Don't think I don't see your names you F***** Freaks"

A Twitch live streamer called out her viewers for their clipping habits, making it clear she knows all too well that they clip random moments of her simply standing up. Amazon owned streaming website Twitch introduced a feature last year which allows users to instantly 'clip' a stream, taking the last minute of the stream and saving it, allowing it to be shared elsewhere on the web. As much as it as been beneficial, allowing some of the best moments in Twitch history to be captured in time, it also creates a problem, particularly for broadcasters, as anything they say or do while live can be saved and shared forever. The problem exists for both male and female streamers, but for women there has been an emphasis on the clipping feature being used to save perceivably sexually suggestive moments, or indeed just any action really, even something as simple as standing up from their chair. Thankfully though, any clips made have the username of the user who created the clip stored with them, meaning streamers can identify who is clipping their stream and of course, what moments in particular they think worthy. One streamer, BadBunny, who has over 50,000 followers on the site, was clearly fed up with her every move being clipped, even just simply standing up from her chair and moving around the room. She calls out the viewers responsible, saying
"You know what, fuck you guys, you guys don't even get to see me get up, fuck you. Enough clips of me getting up. I go through my clips, I see who's doing that shit, don't think I don't see your fucking names you freaks. I get up for a second wearing sweatpants, and there's clips of it? I see who does that! You guys are fucking weird - you realize you're looking at a flat, white girl ass, getting up with sweatpants on? Fuck you."
Twitch has recently introduced new terms of service and rules about suitable apparel, but certainly sweatpants are not on the list of unnaceptable items, so BadBunny is well within her rights to call these individual's out on their odd clipping habits.

BadBunny: Twitch / Twitter