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Archive • Apr 28, 2018

Streamer Creates Motion-Control Glove for Overwatch Hero Lúcio

A streamer has created a glove to control Overwatch Hero Lúcio that incorporates motion control mimicking Lúcio’s actual abilities. Rudeism is no stranger to custom-made controller set-ups. His previous projects include controlling Widowmaker with a baguette, controlling Orisa with a rocking horse, and a variety of unique controllers in other games. While many are largely novelty for novelty’s sake with limited practical application, his latest project could legitimately enhance the immersion experience of playing Overwatch hero Lúcio. A custom glove in combination with a makeshift Sonic Amplifier allows him to control the character by performing actions in real life that translate directly to Lúcio in-game. The glove incorporates a small joystick to control movement, but switching between healing and speed songs as well as the “Amp It Up” ability are implemented by performing the same actions that Lúcio does when using those skills. Along with the glove, Rudeism also created an airzooka replica for Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier, which enables him to direct his aim by directing the weapon and pull the trigger to fire. Rudeism has yet to try out both tools in their current form in a stream, but in theory he should now be able to control Lúcio almost entirely entirely by mimicking the actions of the character in real life. If you want to see how he did it, either for the purposes of replicating it yourself or merely out of curiosity, Rudeism has been streaming the creation process of both the glove and the airzooka.