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Stat Attack: CWL Global Pro League Group Green

Week four of the CWL Global Pro League saw OpTic Gaming and Enigma6 secure the final two places in the Playoffs.

We’ve looked back on the weekend’s matches to see the story the statistics told about the games that took place.

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OpTic Gaming Slaying Masterclass


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OpTic Gaming turned in an absolute slaying masterclass in Columbus, propelling themselves into the Playoff stages of Stage 1 with relative ease. Scump and Formal were the first and second most lethal players, per map, over all four weekends so far, while Crimsix was the 6th most lethal.

It has to be said that even by their own acknowledgment, OpTic Gaming believed they had the easiest draw of any top seeded team in the Global Pro League, but they still had to do the business on game day.

In terms of kills per death (K/D), Formal leads all players at the close of the four week competition with a massive 1.30K/D, 0.08 higher than 2nd place Shockz. Scump logged the third best K/D with 1.20 while Crim chipped in 1.16, enough for 4th best. In all, OpTic Gaming occupied 3 of the top four spots.

Kill to Death Ratio (All Game Types)

Rank Name K/D
1 Formal 1.3
2 Shockz 1.22
3 Scump 1.2
4 Crimsix 1.16
5 Octane 1.14

Kills Per Map (All Game Types)

Rank Name Kills/Map
1 Scump 26.88
2 Formal 26.81
3 General 26.75
4 Shockz 26.41
5 Fighta 25.65
6 Crimsix 25.19

Scump and Formal Hardpoint Kings


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Formal didn’t just boast the best over K/D of the four weekends, but also turned in the most Hardpoint Time of any competitor in Group Green with a massive 907 points total, equating to 90.70 per map played. This was the 3rd most total Hardpoint time registered across all four weekends, and the second highest average time.

Not to be outdone, Scump turned in the 2nd best Hardpoint average of the weekend and fourth best of the CWL Global Pro League so far, with time per map of 83.60 seconds. His accumulative time of 836 was also the second best of the weekend behind team mate Formal.

Unsurprisingly, Scump and Formal had the highest average Hardpoint time per map out of any duo competing in the CWL Global Pro League.

Average Hardpoint Time per Map

Rank Name Total Time Average Time per Map Maps Played
1 Gunless 1172 97.67 12
2 Formal 907 90.7 10
3 Skrapz 882 88.2 10
4 Scump 836 83.6 10
5 Octane 915 83.18 11

Scump had a solid S&D while OpTic continue to seek improvement


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Search and Destroy remains OpTic Gaming’s weakest game mode by win percentage, having won 57% of their games in Columbus, compared to 100% of Hardpoint games and 67% of Uplink games.

Despite their relative struggles, Scump registered the highest overall S&D K/D of the competitors in Columbus and the 9th best of the 64 competitors in the group stages. Crimsix and Formal also posted up a positive K/D, while Karma struggled slightly finishing his weekend with a 0.84 K/D spread.

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Given OpTic’s strength in respawn, their slightly above 50% win rate on S&D isn’t a cause for concern as yet and may just be down to their opposition – despite not being exceptional performers across the board, both European teams in attendance have traditionally solid S&D games.

Still, as the season wears on, OpTic must be looking to improve on their S&D if they’re to avoid a repeat of the past 2 years.


Rank Name K/D
1 wuskin 1.62
2 Nagafen 1.43
3 Aqua 1.41
4 Gunless 1.4
5 Arcitys 1.38
6 Bance 1.36
7 Shockz 1.33
8 Urban 1.31
9 Scump 1.29
10 SlasheR 1.28

Below Average Joee


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Much was made of the European teams and their inability to practice for Stage 1. The two teams in week four found themselves in a tight spot, with their colleagues either out in the States competing or taking a brief hiatus following their own Stage 1 campaigns.

This left almost no viable scrim options for Red and Elevate and that was likely reflected in their performances in Columbus. One player who particularly struggled is former Splyce man, Joee, who had an uncharacteristically weak weekend in Group Green.

While it’s true that K/D isn’t everything, his 0.82 kill to death ratio was the lowest of any competitor in the whole of Stage 1. In fact, Joee’s K/D was a whopping 0.48 lower than that of chart topping Formal’s 1.30 K/D.

It wasn’t just Joe that disappointed from Europe, though. Across the three weekends, European players found themselves occupying the bottom six places in the K/D charts. Joee’s team mate, Niall, barely outscoring him with his own lowly 0.84 record. Surprisingly veteran Tommey also scored a 0.84 overall K/D.

Certainly if Europe are to achieve the same sort of results they did only last year, the stats suggest that the slaying power of the players, or at least their ability to play lives more efficiently, must improve across the top teams.

Kills Per Map (All Game Types)

Rank Name K/D
60 Zed 0.85
61 Peatie 0.85
62 Tommey 0.84
63 Niall 0.84
64 Joee 0.82

Rated Leads Europe


Photo Credit: MLG

Like Joee, Rated was unable to scrim all that much with Elevate but surprisingly his individual performance wasn’t all that hampered.

Elevate didn’t exact shine as one of the top performers in the Pro League and the Welshman has since left the team, but his last act while wearing Elevate colours may have given his now former team the boost they needed to qualify for Champs and Stage 2.

In all, Rated turned in a 1.13 K/D for the entire weekend, 0.02 higher than previous top European based leader, Dqvee. Rated, not usually known for his slaying power, led all Europeans in K/D.

Kills Per Map (All Game Types)

Rank Name K/D
1 Formal 1.3
2 Shockz 1.22
3 Scump 1.2
4 Crimsix 1.16
5 Octane 1.14
6 Aqua 1.13
7 General 1.13
8 Rated 1.13
9 SlasheR 1.12
10 Dqvee 1.11


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