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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

SPUNJ Proposes a New Tournament System for the CS:GO Majors

Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill has gone on Twitter to share his thoughts on how Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's major tournament system should be reorganized. SPUNJ is an ex-professional player who has now become a successful CS:GO analyst and commentator. He was previously the in-game leader for the Australian team of Renegades, before announcing his retirement on the 17th of June 2016. The largest events in the Counter-Strike calendar are the majors. The million dollar tournaments are sponsored by the developers of the game, Valve. The majors of CS:GO are randomly placed throughout each year and the latest event has been chosen to be hosted in January of 2018. The tournament was announced on the 5th of October, with the first stages of the qualification process beginning on the 26th. This gave teams and organizations less than a month's notice before the qualifiers, leading to many teams having to reschedule their October and November and drop out of other events.

This sudden declaration of a major has led many to question if the system needs to be more organized and regimented. One such critic of the current system was SPUNJ. Spread over many tweets, he made his case for a new system that would see two majors a year, one in June and one in November. The idea proposes that this would allow players to have proper breaks after each event and for teams to shuffle players and recover before the next tournaments.
''If the majors take place in June and Nov respectively it allows shuffles before player breaks and actually lets players take holidays. Also, gives TOs roughly 20~ weeks after each "break" to run tournaments and leagues in the lead-up. Those events could contribute to invites.''
He stated that his suggestion has the potential to generate a lot more CS:GO content on a regular basis.
''You could run the minors, major qualifier and major itself over the period of 1 month all in the same location. A global CS combine of sorts. Scheduling could mean 4x minors could all run at once due to timezones. The potential to generate CS content is also huge.'' ''Set windows makes sense. It also breaks the year up into 2 manageable seasons. Coming off of Xmas & NY forces practice during holidays.''

He called for the developers of CS:GO to discuss it with him.
'' let's talk''
SPUNJ's followers seemed to agree with his plan as they said it would help reduce player burnouts and would allow tournaments to promote themselves further in advance. The developers have not yet responded to the proposed system changes, but with calls for the CS:GO schedule to be more regimented multiplying each year, they may have to begin to address the issue.
Image credit: HLTV

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