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Splyce Win 2018 Halo World Championship – Final Placements

A new Halo 5 World Champion has been crowned as Splyce defeated TOX Gaming (Formerly OpTic Gaming) in a somewhat comfortable Grand Final.

The Halo World Championship is always the crown on the competitive Halo season, and 2018 was no different with another massive $1,000,000 prize pool up for grabs, and the best teams in the world all bringing their A game.

The event, hosted in Seattle, was made even better thanks to the excellent venue choice and stage setup put on by MLG, who return to the Halo Pro Circuit after a number of years away, taking over from ESL.

The production of the event was also flawless, and showcased the talents of these top teams as they should be, with an impressive audience turn out to match.

But of course what really mattered is the competition, and with so much on the line in the third world championship for Halo 5: Guardians, the former CLG and OpTic Gaming lineup were looking to complete the three-peat.

The team, now representing their own organization ‘TOX’, faced stiff competition of course though, with Splyce coming in as the favorites following their impressive wins at both the Columbus and Orlando – where they beat TOX both times in the grand final.

And it was to be repeated at the Seattle World Championship event, and as they completed their own three peat, with a 4-0 win in the Grand Final..


Splyce took home the lions share of the prize pool, with $500,000, while TOX took home $200,000.

Halo World Championship 2018 Final Placements

Placement Team Roster Prize
1  Splyce Shotzzy, StelluR, Eco, Renegade $500,000
2  TOX Gaming LethuL, Frosty, Royal2, Snakebite $200,000
3  Team Envy iGotUrPistola, TriPPPeY, bubudubu, Saiyan $100,000
4  Reciprocity Snip3down, Mikwen, Spartan, Penguin $50,000
5/6  eLevate Suspector, eL ToWn, Sabinater, Arcitc $35,000
5/6  Renegades Lunchbox, Ace, aPG, Neptune $35,000
7/8 Team Infused Jimbo, Kimbo, Mose, Respectful $20,000
7/8  Str8 Rippin DasTroyed, Rammy, Musa, Nemassist $20,000
9/12  Wise Gaming D3M0N D, Gilkey, Nebula, Commonly $7,500
9/12  Oxygen Supremacy RyaNoob, Rayne, Prototype, Str8 SicK $7,500
9/12 Vexed Gaming Riotz, Lunny, Quad, Snipedrone $7,500
9/12 Berserker Atzo, Drift, Nasty Bullet, Noble $7,500
13/16 Fable Esports SLG, Fragxr, Qristola, Snakey $2,500
13/16 Mindfreak BZIIRK, Madsy, Junior, Seduce $2,500
13/16 Team Immunity Benno, Momentum, Slayz, Voltage $2,500
13/16 Myztro Gaming Batchford, tuf0xy, Ramirez, Phlux $2,500


Check out full coverage hub for the 2018 Halo World Championship, with links to the streams, schedule, brackets and more!


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