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Splyce vs EnVyUs: CWL Global Pro League Match Preview with Apathy Interview

CWL Global Pro League Group Red

Match Preview

Splyce: Bance, Jurd, Madcat, Zer0

EnVyUs: Apathy, John, Slasher, Jkap

In a group of closely-matched teams, the games between EnVy and Splyce have the potential to be the most explosive and exciting of the lot.

Man for man, this is arguably the most stacked match in the group. Both teams feature players across the board that are capable of almost single-handedly changing games.

‘Same World Title Winning Roster’

However, this season has been filled with ups and downs for both of these squads. EnVyUs have held onto the roster that won the Black Ops 3 Call of Duty Championship, so the potential for this to be a world-beating squad is clearly there, and they’ve also shown promise on Infinite Warfare. The CWL Atlanta Open saw them finish third, defeating OpTic Gaming in the process.

However, their other outings on Infinite Warfare haven’t all been quite so successful. Top-twelve finishes at CWL Vegas and CWL Paris might not be quite so disappointing for other teams, but this is a squad that should be contesting for trophies. Even within events themselves, EnVyUs have at times looked like a completely different team from one series to the next. It’s a flaw they’ll have to address if they’re to re-establish themselves as an elite team.

Splyce, meanwhile, had as successful a first outing as could have been hoped for, finishing fourth at the CWL Dallas Open following the pick-up of Zer0. The team looked set for a dominant showing on home soil, making their way to the winner bracket finals of the CWL Birmingham Open without dropping a map, but the grand finals were a catastrophic collapse for Splyce.

In the grand finals, Splyce didn’t pick up a single map, getting swept in consecutive series to lose the 0-6. Granted, many of the maps were incredibly hard fought, but to have dished out that sort of performance for most of the weekend only to be on the receiving end for the most important match of the tournament can not have done wonders for Splyce’s confidence.


No Obvious Winner

By all rights, these two teams should be competing to top the group, and it’s a tough call to say who has the edge. When last they met, EnVyUs swept Splyce 3-0 in the group stage of CWL Paris, before Splyce returned the favour to eliminate EnVyUs in the lower bracket of the tournament. Whatever conclusions might be drawn from such contradictory results, however, become even murkier given that Splyce have changed a man since those encounters.

As much as it may seem cliché, this truly seems to be a match that could go either way on any given day. The result isn’t trivial, however – while they may be the front-runners, Splyce and EnVyUs can by no means expect to walk over either Cloud9 or MindFreak. If either can secure a win in this match, it could ultimately be the difference between escaping the group in first place, and missing out on the play-offs altogether.



Match Facts

  • Team EnVyUs are the reigning Call of Duty World Champions, beating a Splyce team that featured Bance in the grand finals on Black Ops 3
  • Splyce are coming off a tough loss at CWL Birmingham, going 0-6 in the grand finals
  • At the CWL Paris, both teams won 3-0 against each other at different stages in the tournament
  • Splyce are the top seeded team from Europe, while EnVyUs are fourth in North America, the lowest of the teams in the top spot for each group
  • Both EnVyUs and Splyce lost 3-0 to eUnited to be eliminated from the lower bracket at the CWL Dallas Open

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