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Epsilon seem to have Splyce’s number.

 In three series – two in Birmingham and one in Anaheim – Epsilon have been the Achilles heel for the Stage One Champions.

For all of Splyce’s dominance, it was Epsilon that came out on top and came out on top easily.

Splyce haven’t looked the same team in Anaheim as they did in Stage One. That can largely be attributed to the simply outrageous weekend that Zer0 had in Columbus – the kind of weekend that is hard to emulate on a consistent basis.

That’s not to say Splyce are having a bad weekend. They’ve unraveled the likes of Enigma6 and BitterSweet on their way to the Loser Bracket Final.

Yet questions may remain. You could argue that their victories have come against inferior opposition. In the Pools Splyce were defeated by Rise Nation, while Epsilon made relatively quick work of them in Bracket play. Had they faced a team, the caliber of OpTic Gaming, you have to wonder how such a series would have gone.

The match against Epsilon is a shot at redemption for Splyce. They also benefit from coming into the game hot off a win against Cloud9. That’s in stark contrast to Epsilon who have just suffered heavy defeat against Luminosity.

Epsilon are starting to show the potential that they clearly boast. Anaheim is the marker from which every subsequent performance will be judged, as last year’s fourth place finishers at Call of Duty Championships come good in a timely fashion.

Epsilon even managed to land a defeat on Luminosity in Pool Play – the only defeat LG have suffered in Anaheim as they race towards their first title of the season.


The Loser Bracket Final match up is an entirely different beast to when the teams met in the Winner Bracket. With elimination looming, Epsilon need show the kind of mental strength that champions are made of and repeat their earlier feat.

They’ve already made a Loser Bracket run to a title this season. It’s certainly not impossible to repeat but they’ll have to go through Splyce if they’re to reach the Grand Final.

For two teams that are extremely familiar foes, this guarantees to be a thrilling penultimate battle.

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