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Splyce Take Down Rise Nation To Create A Three-Way Tie in Group Yellow

Splyce started day two of Group Yellow strong with a 3-1 win against Rise Nation.

Having taken a hard loss against eUnited on day one, the Stage One champions Splyce are still very much fighting for a Playoff spot. Rise Nation, meanwhile, entered their first series of day two still looking for a first match win.

Rise put up a good fight in the opening Hardpoint, but it wasn’t enough to steal the first map, with Splyce taking Scorch 250-205. Rise were quick to answer back in Search and Destroy, an impressive 6-1 on Crusher tying up the series immediately.

Unfortunately for the North American squad, respawn proved to be Splyce’s domain. A close-fought Uplink on Throwback ended narrowly in Splyce’s favor, a 7-5 victory giving them back the series lead. On Retaliation Hardpoint, it seemed Rise had run out of resistance, with Splyce putting them in the 100-point club to close out the match 3-1.


The win puts Splyce on a level with eUnited and Red Reserve at 2-1 in the group. With all three teams having looked strong so far and each having beaten one of the other two, a three-horse race is starting to take shape in Group Yellow. At this point, however, it’s impossible to tell which teams might be favored to come out on top.

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