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Archive • Jul 14, 2017

Splyce See Off a Challenge From Red Reserve in Group Yellow

Splyce fought off a strong Red Reserve in their Group Yellow opening match. Even in one of the most competitive groups of the year, Splyce’s recent form has them as favorites to top Group Yellow. Their campaign almost got off to a rough start, however, when Red Reserve presented a tougher challenge than might have been expected.

Things went more or less according to plan early in the series. Splyce took the opening Retaliation Hardpoint at a comfortable 250-190, and while Red Reserve responded with a strong 6-2 Throwback SnD, the result wasn’t entirely outside of the realm of expectation. Back in respawn for Frost Uplink, Splyce were once again in control, a convincing 12-2 win giving them back the series lead. The twist came in the second Hardpoint, on Breakout this time. Red Reserve had the hot hand, with a strong performance from Joe ‘Joee’ Pinnington leading the team to put Splyce in the 100-point club – just, at 250-99.

The series would be decided on Retaliation Search and Destroy. Back in Red Reserve’s preferred battleground, it was looking rough for Splyce. Teams do not win major championships without being able to perform under pressure, however, and once again Splyce demonstrated their ability to step up when it matters most, pulling out a 6-3 win to take the series 3-2. Despite the loss, Red Reserve look in strong form. Splyce are not a team they were expected to beat, but playing the anticipated group leaders so close suggests Red may well be able to challenge for that second Playoff spot, and picking up two maps certainly won’t have done them any harm.


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