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Archive • Jul 15, 2017

Splyce Pick Up A Key Second Win Against Red Reserve in Group Yellow

Splyce picked up a second win against Red Reserve in Group Yellow on day two. The Stage One champions had a rockier start to the group than they might have hoped for, having been played close by Red Reserve on day one before losing to eUnited. A win against Rise earlier on day two put them at 2-1, tied for first place with both of their day one opponents.

A domestic showdown would decide which of Red and Splyce advanced to a 3-1 series count headed into the final day of play. Splyce struck first with a win in Hardpoint, but Red responded quickly with a Search and Destroy win, a game mode they’re establishing themselves as one of the group leaders in. Unfortunately for Red, they couldn’t quite keep up with Splyce in the respawn game modes. They continued to play their opponents close, but while each map came down to the wire it was ultimately Splyce that continued to come out on top, taking Uplink 7-5 and a second Hardpoint 250-224 for a 3-1 series victory. The win is critical for Splyce as it gives them a clear head-to-head advantage against Red Reserve. As long as they at least match their compatriots in overall series record by the end of the group, Splyce will be assured of sitting above them in the standings, increasing the likelihood that they will qualify for playoffs significantly.

Meanwhile, Red now face a much greater task. As out-placing Splyce is now effectively out of the question, Red now rely on out-performing eUnited for a playoff spot. While the first match between the two went in favor of the European squad, Red’s fate now rests out of their hands to a degree, with results beyond their control potentially putting a playoff spot out of reach.


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