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Archive • Aug 12, 2017

Splyce Knockout Epsilon in Battle of Britain Nail Biter | CWL Championships 2017

Call of Duty Championship 2017

Coverage Hub / Final Placements

Loser’s Round 2

 Splyce: Jurd, MadCat, Bance, Zer0


 Epsilon: Joshh, Dvqee, Vortex, Hawqeh

A battle of European titans Epsilon and Splyce in loser's round 2 determined which team would be eliminated from the Call of Duty Championship. After getting knocked to the loser's bracket by OpTic Gaming, Splyce came out hot in their first Hardpoint against Epsilon, getting up to a quick 1-0 series lead after a 250-168 win. Breakout Search and Destroy saw Epsilon get out to a quick 3-0 lead off the start for Epsilon. Splyce would storm back with 3 rounds in a row, yet their comeback would be stopped dead in its tracks, with Epsilon closing it out 6-3 to tie the series. Coming down to the wire, Frost Uplink would head to overtime after Billy 'Hawqeh' Harris of Epsilon nailed a last-second one point throw after using overdrive. The late game heroics did not finalize the map and saw Splyce answering back quickly in OT with a 2 point dunk, extending their series lead to 2-1. With their CoD Champs hopes fading, Epsilon laid it all out on the table during Retaliation Hardpoint. They did not allow Splyce to have any breathing room and refused to miss a beat, staying alive after a decisive win. Game 5 Search and Destroy would be a winner-takes-all showdown for the two European squads. Rounds were traded evenly throughout the map, eventually coming down to a round 11. Dave 'Dqvee' Davies would pop his active camouflage a tad too early, a payload that could have been the difference maker in the map. Trades would be made, leaving him in a 1v2 situation, although he was overpowered, leading to the map win for Splyce. Epsilon would be eliminated from the tournament, ending their Infinite Warfare season. x Splyce vs Epsilon 3-2 Hardpoint: 250-163 SnD: 3-6 Uplink: 6-4 Hardpoint: N/A SnD:6-5 x Up next for these teams  Splyce vs Luminosity Gaming in loser's round 3 x

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