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Archive • Oct 30, 2017

South African CoD Player Reveals Disappointment at Missing Out on the CWL for 2018

While the 2018 Call of Duty World League information may have many excited for the upcoming year, not everyone was able to be included during the CoD: WWII season. After an enormous amount of information was revealed for the upcoming CWL season for competitive Call of Duty, a large portion of the community expressed their excitement for the upcoming year. Different LAN events, prize pools, and the new CWL National Circuit which is an online league for eight different regions around the world in four stages across the season, allowing winning teams to receive travel and accommodation to a select CWL Open event or Last Chance Qualifier. However, even with loads of support starting to pour in from areas such as South Africa and South America, these regions have yet to be included in the league. We sat down with Dillon 'Lithium' Charalambous, a player for the South African Bravado Gaming organization to hear his thoughts on the region being left out of the CWL, future plans, and much more. x Can you introduce yourself for anybody that doesn’t know who you are? I am Dillon "Lithium" Charalambous. I have been competing since 2014 as a competitive Call of Duty player based in Southern Africa! I play for Bravado Gaming (arguably the most successful and most established gaming organization in South Africa), and I am the Captain of the Call of Duty division. x Read More: x The South African region has once again been omitted from the CoD World League circuit as it stands. What are your thoughts on this? I honestly feel that the South African region deserves a chance to compete in the CWL, local players in South Africa only started competing properly in 2013, and our best team at the time managed to compete at the 2013 Call of Duty Championships. It has been a long time since any South African team has been invited to qualify or compete in an international event, and as the years have progressed, our community has only grown bigger and every year the level of competition raises to new heights. There are many players and organizations in South Africa that put as much time and effort into the CoD scene as possible. Most of the top competitive players and teams spend at least 8-12 hours a day grinding to become the best player or team possible. I definitely think that the competitiveness and growth of #CODZA is on another level compared to the past, and I believe we have what it takes to compete at an international level! x Why do you think that after 2013 and 2014 they have decided to exclude the South African region? I personally think that after the 2014 CoD Champs qualifier drama where SA players were teaming EU players in their qualifier, different issues arose, and it also seemed as if there was no demand for competition in the South African region. A lot has changed since then in #CODZA, and the demand is high at the moment. x Read More:   Is there enough interest in the South African scene for it to host its own section of the CWL? Especially with a lot of under 18 players competing in the region. There is definitely enough interest in the local scene for CWL host its own section for our region, a majority of the community spend countless hours preparing themselves and their teams in hopes to compete in a local CWL event or qualifier. There are many young star players in South Africa, however, there are many players that have turned 18, and are turning 18 soon as well. There is definitely enough talent to host a CWL event and I can comfortably say that #CODZA is waiting for this and we are trying our best to make it happen! x What can players in the SA scene do in order to make a difference during WWII to convince Activision it’s a viable space? We can do our best to reach out to them and convince them to host qualifiers to international events so we can show them, face to face, that South Africans are just as good as international teams. x