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Archive • Mar 12, 2018

A Sombra Nerf Is Apparently On Its Way to Overwatch

According to Fusion University player Zachary ‘ZachaREEE’ Lombardo, a Sombra nerf is on its way. Sombra received a significant update on February 27th, when major changes to how her kit operates went live.

In an effort to move Sombra away from simply farming her ultimate as fast as possible and give her a wider effective use, Blizzard removed the ultimate charge generated by hacked health packs, but in exchange buffed the rest of her abilities. As a result, Sombra now has longer to use her translocator after throwing it, shoots straighter, can hack people quicker, and her hack has a greater impact on certain heroes than it did before. The result has been a massive boost in popularity for Sombra, which many players – amateurs and pro’s alike – have not been particularly happy about. As well as the power of the new Sombra, being hacked frequently results in games that are simply less fun for those on the receiving end. Apparently, though, Sombra may not stay exactly as she is for too much longer. According to ZachaREEE, DPS/Flex player for Overwatch Contenders NA team Fusion University, a nerf is on its way. Although Blizzard haven’t yet made any official announcements regarding the hero, they have apparently informed professional players that a nerf is incoming, after receiving complaints about Sombra’s strength from many Overwatch League and Contenders players. ZachaREEE did not indicate whether Blizzard had set a time-line for the change, but it does seem that the days of Sombra in her current state are numbered.