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Archive • Dec 07, 2017

Snip3down Finally Has a Team for CWL Dallas as Halo Pros Unite

Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona has had a hard time finding a solid roster to attend CWL Dallas, the first Call of Duty WWII event of the season, with. The 22 time Halo champion, and current Team EnVyUs player, originally planned on going to the event with Team Liquid's Tyler 'Spartan' Ganza.

The two then formed a roster with OpTic Halo's Bradley 'Frosty' Bergstrom and Call of Duty player Trevor 'Trev' Lindgren. That team did not last long, though, as Trev failed to show up to the team's first online CWL 2K tournament and was subsequently dropped from the squad. A day later, Snip3down revealed that Frosty had become ill and would no longer be able to attend. Later that day he revealed that Spartan was looking into donating their team pass to players that "deserve it more".

Snip3down did not have flight insurance so he revealed that he would probably still look at attending the event as a free agent. On December 6th, MoneyMatches made an announcement via Twitter that they would be fielding a roster at CWL Dallas which included Snip3down and three other high profile Halo professionals.  

  Carlos 'Cratos' Ayala was a runner-up in the 2016 Halo World Championship and is an X Games medalist, as is Ayden 'Suspector' Hill who was teaming with Cratos on both occasions. Garett 'LifeStyle' Miller is a former OpTic Gaming Halo player that hasn't been seen at the professional level since late 2016 when he played for Most Wanted. The roster is sure to get a lot of attention heading into the $200,000 CWL Dallas event which will run from December 8th - 10th. Due to a low amount of pro points, the team is likely to face a tough Open Bracket run but could upset some of the higher seeded teams if they have put the time into learning the game. The full MoneyMatches roster for CWL Dallas is:
  •  Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona
  •  Ayden 'Suspector' Hill
  •  Carlos 'Cratos' Ayala
  •  Garett 'LifeStyle' Miller

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