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Archive • Dec 06, 2017

Sledgehammer Reveals a Future Update for Ranked Play in CoD: WWII

A new update for Ranked Play in Call of Duty: WWII has been revealed by Sledgehammer just days after the beginning of the inaugural season. Ever since the inclusion of a solid competitive playlist in Call of Duty has been somewhat glossed over by developers in recent years, the announcement that 'Ranked Play' will be returning for WWII generated a massive amount of hype within the community The system in WWII utilizes the MMR/ SR ranking system, which allows the game to get a solid read on the skill level of the player and places them into the correct 'tier' based on performance and other factors. Although CoD: WWII was released on November 3rd, Ranked Play did not become available until December 1st for 'The Preseason,' which is put in place for players to establish themselves on an individual skill level, along with not including the ability to 'party up' until the second season. Yet, even though many community members were excited to hop in and show their skills, a collection of small issues have been observed within the mode, leading to varied levels of feedback across the scene. On December 6th, Sledgehammer announced that a new patch will be coming on Thursday, December 7th which will fix a collection of issues across the game, including changes to Ranked Play. The full statement on the modifications can be viewed below, which will now allow the playlist to be in-line with the current CWL V1 Ruleset that will be utilized at the upcoming CWL Dallas Open LAN event.  

Ranked Play

Last week, we launched Ranked Play on PS4 and XB1. It’s been great watching you all jump on and take part in Season 1: The Placement Season. We’re actively collecting data of individual MMR rankings, and look forward to rolling out Party-based teams shortly. The Placement Season will continue throughout the Winter Siege Event, so be sure to keep grinding for those top tier rewards, and perhaps a shot to make the Top 100 players and Pro Tier bragging rights. Also, please note that CWL Dallas begins this weekend. The following changes have been implemented in the pro event, and we will be updating Ranked Play to reflect soon.
  • FMJ added to the Restricted Items list
  • Molotov Cocktail added to the Restricted Items list
  • Capture the Flag: St Marie Du Mont removed from the rotation
  • Search and Destroy: Gibraltar removed from the rotation
  • All gametypes: Explosive Delay: 7.5 seconds
Source: Sledgehammer

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