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Sledgehammer Have Announced Major Divisions Tuning For WWII – Airborne and Expeditionary Divisions

Call of Duty: WWII developer Sledgehammer Games have announced a hot fix update and Divisions tuning for April 16th.

In the announcement posted on the CodCompetitive Reddit page, several Multiplayer adjustments were mentioned, including for the Airborne and Expeditionary Divisions.

This news of course comes during what has been a flurry of recent changes that Sledgehammer have made to WWII, including the release of a massive update that overhauled the game’s Division system.

This overhaul resulted in several changes to the competitive ruleset, both by the CoD World League and by Sledgehammer Games themselves.

It appears that this latest list of hot fixes are just an extension of the series of adjustments that are being made to accommodate the major changes to the gameplay and mechanics.

The announcement is split into three parts: Multiplayer, Airborne Division Tuning, and Enabled Expeditionary Division.


  • Fixed announcer audio issues when Scorestreaks are called in during a match

Airborne Division Tuning

  • Nerfed hipspread while sprinting for SMGs, shotguns, and rifles
  • Nerfed hipspread while sprinting for steady aim attachment

Enabled Expeditionary Division

  • Restricted Explosive Recon Paint utility
  • Limiting players to 1 Lethal
  • Limiting players to 1 Smoke/Tabun at a time


Players will most likely be the happiest about the nerfing of the hipfire while sprinting as part of the Airborne Division Tuning.

Recently, players have been seen demonstrating the very overpowered strategy of sprinting around and eliminated opponents while firing from the hip.

The official announcement of the hot fix update and division tuning for April 16th can be seen on the official ‘CodCompetitive’ Reddit page.


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