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Archive • Dec 07, 2017

SK Gaming Wins Impossible Eco Round Thanks to Perfect Flash

Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo's  SK Gaming won a ridiculous eco round during the group stages at the ESL Pro League Finals thanks to a perfectly timed flash. The Brazilians were the clear class of Group B, topping the rankings and dropping just one match in the process to OpTic Gaming. Thanks to finishing first in the group, SK will now advance directly to the semifinal stage of the $750,000 tournament, skipping the quarterfinals entirely. The final match of the group stage for the Brazilians was against Sean '[email protected]' Gares' Misfits roster - a team that shocked everyone by defeating the likes of NiP and North to make it to the playoffs. However, the North American team with two French imports met their match when they went up against the EPICENTER 2017 and BLAST Pro Series champions in SK Gaming. At one point during the first half it looked as though Misfits would be able to bring things close after breaking the CT sided SK's economy on Cache. However, FalleN's tactical prowess and attention to detail was put on display for all to see when he set his team up on the A bombsite and got support player Epitácio 'TACO' de Melo to throw a perfectly timed flash into A Main.     The flash completely blinded all four Misfits players in the A Main area as none of them were playing in an anti-flash position to be able to react to it. SK Gaming poured into A Main and took down all of the players, leaving just the Squeaky Door lurker alive, but TACO quickly disposed of him with one of the picked up AK47s. SK Gaming would go on to win the match 16-7 and Misfits had to settle for third place in the group and a quarterfinal match against HellRaisers which will take place on December 8th.

Image Credit: EPICENTER


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