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Archive • Feb 13, 2018

Shroud Makes a Bold Claim About Fortnite Going First Person

The Fortnite community is divided about whether a first-person mode should be added, but there's one man who believes it should happen. The Epic Games developed title has captivating audiences around the globe, with the battle royale mode released in September 2017 becoming a huge hit.

Much like other BR titles such as PUBG or H1Z1, up to 100 players are dropped into an arena and required to fight to the death, picking up weapons and equipment as the world around them slowly but surely shrinks over time. Fortnite's cartoon nature, constant updates and building set it apart from its rivals, but the question that is always raised, is where can it go next?

In mid-February, fan footage appeared of Fortnite being played in first person, and it started a conversation about whether the game would be viable or not with that point of view. There was a number of outspoken critics who said it would ruin the way the game is played, but as rival PUBG has shown, it could provide a new lease of life once people begin to lose interest.

PUBG extraordinaire and former professional CS:GO player Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek has made the bold claim that he could see himself switching games entirely if that happened.
"Seriously if Fortnite goes first person and they have a first person mode, I would literally probably stop playing this game . Well that's not true, I'd still play it because it's still a fun game, but Fortnite in first person would just be something so different and fun and exciting. Building and shit in first person, that would be so fun."