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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Shroud Gets Trolled by His Own Stream Viewers After Hitting Huge YouTube Milestone

Former professional CS:GO player and Cloud9 member Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek got trolled in the best possible way by his very own fans after hitting one million subscribers on YouTube. After a relatively successful professional Counter-Strike career, which included a win at the ESL Pro League Season 4 finals and a number of other top finishes, shroud decided to step away from the game and concentrate on his immensely popular stream in August of 2017.

Now the 23 year old Canadian can most often be found playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for multiple hours each day with the odd game of Fortnite and various other battle royale titles thrown in for good measure. He also uploads regular YouTube content which tends to focus on stream highlights and collaborations with fellow content creators. On February 11th shroud hit a huge YouTube milestone when his channel surpassed the one million subscriber limit.

The Canadian was streaming at the time that it happened and watched his live subscriber count on Social Blade as it ticked over the one million mark. Shroud was quick to thank everyone for the support and seemed overjoyed about hitting the new goal, but his fans in Twitch chat were quick to troll him in hilarious fashion.  

  One of the downsides to having thousands of people in your Twitch chat at any given time is that they can create a scary force when they want to work together to troll you. Shroud found that out when his Social Blade counter quickly started to go back down as his fans unsubscribed from his channel momentarily to force him back under the one million mark. Shroud begged the Twitch viewers to stop what they were doing but clearly saw the funny side of it, and do not fear - he quickly surpassed the limit once more.