Mindfreak’s Shockz Was Offered International Move with Denz According to Teammate

The announcement on Friday May 19th that Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor had rejoined Mindfreak has been addressed by new teammate Lincoln ‘Fighta’ Ferguson.

The decision to bring back a player who left the side in December 2016 for a big money offer was relatively unexpected after his replacement Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo helped power the team to Stage Two of the CWL Global Pro League, alongside winning CWL Syndey I and II.

Fighta revealed in a Twitlonger some interesting information when attempting to explain what happened, including the revelation that teammate Conrad ‘Shockz’ Rymarek had been offered a chance to compete abroad with an international team, alongside Denz.

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It’s believed that international team was the North American side of Cloud9, headed up by Patrick ‘Aches’ Price.

After C9’s disappointment during the CWL Global Pro League where they were sent to relegation by Mindfreak, it’s believed he wanted to pick up the two stars in order to make the world’s first American/Australian CoD team.

Fighta doesn’t mention the team it involves but goes on to say that it wouldn’t have been possible due to visa issues. In the Twitlonger he also explains why himself, Shockz and Denz decided to team with Mitch ‘BuZZo’ Mader instead of Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo.

“A few weeks ago, my teammate Shockz, who I have been teaming with for over 5 years and who I consider one of my closet friends in Esports, was offered a massive international opportunity alongside Denz.
That night I had a big chat with both Denz and Shockz and told them they should pursue the offer, as it was one that was hard to refuse.

“That night I also suggested to Denz and Shockz, would they consider us three teaming again, as an incentive not to go overseas for obvious reasons. At this point in time, it was just an option and I would wait for them to decide on what they wanted to do first.

“Despite this huge offer, Shockz decided he would decline the opportunity and stick by MF and myself. Ironically, we found out a day later that the offer wasn’t possible anymore due to visa issues. At this point, Shockz and I both agreed that Denz is a great player and if we wanted to have a better chance to do well internationally, it would be the right decision to pick him back up.


“Consequently, this left us the decision with who Denz would replace out of Buzz andExcite. There were many factors that were influential in this decision, both in-game and out of the game. Though I firmly believe that Cody has more potential as a player than Mitch, Cody often made more mistakes in game, hindering our performances internationally, whilst both Mitch and Cody both statically had around the same KD at the GPL, not only that, Mitch brings a lot to the team, communication wise in comparison to Cody and with BOTG around the corner, Buzz outweighed Excite in this aspect.

“Out of the game, Excite’s attitude/personality wasn’t on the same page as myself and the team, which was also one big factor in us ultimately deciding on Buzz over Excite. Obviously, this still doesn’t tell the full story, as there was so much to think about with the deal in the last few weeks. I would also like to apologise to Cody for keeping him in the dark, which myself and the team could have handled a lot better.

“With that all being said and done, I have nothing against Cody personally and I wish him the best for the future in life and Esports. I’d also love to see him be in the #1 team that makes it to relegation and can participate at a high level furthering his career in gaming. Finally, I would like to welcome back Denz back to the team and I’m looking forward to what we can achieve for the rest of this game and beyond.”

Mindfreak will now begin preparations for CWL Anaheim and Stage Two of the CWL Global Pro League, both due to start in middle to late June.

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