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Archive • Nov 14, 2017

Scump Puts Amateur CoD Player Life in Perspective

OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner had some choice words for his opponents in a recent Twitter post. Though not a serial trash talker, Scump has been among the very best players in the world for almost the entirety of his career, and has the confidence to match. As well as being a fierce competitor, Scump has also become an accomplished entertainer over the years, and in matching the two aspects of his career he’s certainly not above taking a shot at his opponents when the opportunity arises. Despite the obviously humorous nature of the tweet, Scump is arguably one of the only Call of Duty players who could back up such a statement. Since the formation of their current roster, OpTic Gaming have been the most consistently successful team in the world, winning a majority of the events they have attended over the past three years. Though they’ve rarely been completely unchallenged, they’re undoubtedly the most fearsome squad in modern Call of Duty.

The tweet garnered massive response, being retweeted over 7,000 times and eliciting hundreds of responses. Many of those, from pro players and fans alike, were critical, if only jokingly in some cases. Evil Geniuses’ Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler cited the infamous “bad juju”, a karmic superstition thrown around among players, usually in jest. Scump brushed the suggestion aside. Some fans took a more accusative line, claiming that the tweet was somehow an overreach of Scump’s ego or defaulting to the tired old criticism of OpTic’s pre-Infinite Warfare record at the Call of Duty Championships. The response isn’t atypical for such statements, with the Call of Duty community often by turns lamenting the lack of trash talk in the more “professional” era of the game, and criticising any statement deemed “unprofessional” or “disrespectful”.

Aaron ‘Ace’ Elam, however, legendary Halo player currently competing for Str8 Rippin, was among several who approved of the confidence on display from one of Call of Duty’s superstars. There were plenty others who echoed the sentiment. Ultimately, Scump claimed that the line wasn’t even originally his, instead copied from someone else’s Tweet, who he didn’t name. Shortly afterward, he balanced his earlier tweet with a bit of self-deprecation in reference to his recently acquired Call of Duty Championships title.


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