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Archive • Jan 13, 2018

Rise Nation Take Luminosity To a Game Five in Closest Series of CWL New Orleans So Far

CWL New Orleans

Pool C

 Rise Nation: Methodz, Gunless, Loony, TJHaLy


Luminosity: JKap, John, Slacked, Octane

The winners of the CWL Montreal Northern Arena innovational, Luminosity, faced off against the new look roster of Rise in the teams first matches on the main stage at CWL New Orleans. An incredible 5 match series was fitting for both of these incredibly talented rosters, the highlight of which was an intense CTF map, but ultimately the veteran leadership of JKap and the slaying power of Octane earned Luminosity a 3-2 victory.

Rise Nation tore away at the start of the first match, hardpoint on Ardennes Forest, taking an early lead, but it didn't take long for Luminosity to get warmed up and start stacking up some points of their own. Gunless and Methodz both looked sharp for Rise, but Octane's slaying power earned Luminosity score streaks, which was the catalyst for a resurgence. Rise Nation rotated better on the majority of hills, and while LG's managed to break, they were often left with scrap time. Rise themselves began to earn streaks as their rotations allowed them to set up better, eventually taking the map out of Luminosity's reach. Methodz himself shone, finishing 36-22 up against the top slayers of Luminosity. In the Search and Destroy, again on Ardennes Forest, the map was played closer, with flashy plays from Rise's Gunless and Loony cancelled out in the end by an impeccable performance from Octane, who's managed to go on a significant kill streak. Despite wasting some of the resulting score streaks, Octane and LG still managed to close out a very close match 6-4. Yet again Ardennes Forest was the setting for the map three Capture the Flag, and once more Rise took the early lead. However, with only 10 seconds remaining of the first half, Luminosity made their first dangerous push, and with a slew of kills managed to snag the flag just in time. An impressive three piece from Rise's TJHaLy in the LG base secured an easy capture for the team in red. Down by one with three minutes left, John continued to carry his team in the slaying department, and eventually was rewarded. Another capture in the last 10 seconds was pulled by John, thanks to his score streaks. Heading into overtime, LG managed a fairly straightforward capture in only 1.5 minutes. Rise looked in an impossible situation as Slacked still had streaks for Luminosity. However, another smart play in the base from TJHaLy earned Rise the capture with only 10 seconds remaining. For the first time in the series, Luminosity started the better of the two in the map 4 hardpoint, with JKap looking particularly strong on Gibraltar with the STG assault rifle. But it didn't take long for the usual suspects of Rise in Gunless and Methodz to get back into the game, both earning score streaks which provided the necessary slaying to get Rise narrow the gap. However Octane also earned streaks, and combined with early rotations and and putting those streaks to use to break, LG closed out the map 250 - 184. Smart plays from TJHaLy and Loony earned Rise an early 2-0 advantage in the game 5 SnD, now on London Docks. Luminosity played their man advantages better in the following rounds though, to tie up at 2 rounds a piece. Rounds continued to be traded, but when tied up 4-4, John pulled off an incredible 1v3 to take move them to series point, and LG closed the map out on offence 6-4. Rise Nation vs Luminosity HP Ardennes Forest 250 - 129 SND Ardennes Forest 4 - 6 CTF Ardennes 4 - 3 (OT) HP Gibraltar 184 - 250 SND London Docks 4 - 6 Follow our coverage from the event via our dedicated hub with links to the stream, schedule, brackets, rosters, groups and more! x