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Archive • Jul 16, 2017

Rise Nation Shock Splyce With A Sweep on Day Three of Group Yellow

Rise Nation picked up their first win of Group Yellow with a 3-0 sweep against Splyce to open day three. At 0-4 coming into the final day, Rise Nation are already out of the running for a Playoff spot. They can still make life harder for the three teams that might still qualify, however, and that’s exactly what they’ve now done to Splyce.

Rise got off to a hot start on Breakout Hardpoint, piling on a sizeable lead early that gave them enough of a buffer to see off a comeback attempt by Splyce, ultimately ending at 250-196. The squad would pick up a second win on Retaliation Search and Destroy, a key win in the ninth round giving them the advantage in a close game and enabling them to close it out 6-4. Rise finally seemed to have found their stride, and they’d carry the momentum into Uplink. In spite of some unfortunate early throw misses for Tyler ‘Felony’ Johnson, in the second half Rise were able to build a sizeable lead and put the game and series out of reach for Splyce.

While the win will do nothing for Rise Nation in Stage Two of the Global Pro League, it may well be critical in the longer term – this is a team in desperate need of a morale boost. For Splyce, however, it might yet prove a fatal wound. Their own position is not yet secure, and a loss, especially without a single map win, puts enormous pressure on their final match against eUnited.


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